Thursday, April 25, 2013

One Day More

A broken shell lies in the doorway,
Stupefied by magical wisdom,
Shattered glasses out from rimless eyes,
Torn leaves smeared the beautiful mind,
Endless dreams fly to neverland,
Whimsical dances that speak of passion,
A ghost maybe or just an enchanted charm,
The garden that breathes and exhales,
Wrong seems right but how can it be,
Shameful stirs that only a child can see,
A burst of the music of light,
Every whisper is a dagger of pain,
A spark of joy in a blossom of song,
She does not even know its name,
Or was it never meant to be,
A cry to the stars of heaven,
As the piano sings alone,
Pretending it is there all along,
In the dark the silver beams down,
Moon River floods the trees of wishes,
The barren streets weep till it is no more,
Deepest recesses of the well flows,
One day more perhaps,
Let her find it

Monday, April 22, 2013

RIP Father of LA, Dearest Uncle Francis Lai

I have known a good man for a few years now in the place I've lived since 2001. I recently moved back to my hometown. He passed away on Saturday and I was broken-hearted for not being able to attend his funeral. I have a doctor's appointment in General Hospital that I have made few months back. It was on the same morning as the funeral.

Even when he was bed-ridden, he continued to touch my heart. I would like to dedicate this poem to him.

A man of Faith,
You were always there,
Silently watching and guarding over LA,
A place I called home for many years...

A man filled with joy,
I remember the first few times we met,
You always tease and made jokes,
Bumping into you in your running gears,
You were always jovial and up for a run,
You were never too tired for a laugh...

A shining beacon,
You always bring a smile to us,
An occasional chuckle from you brightened our day,
Especially when we were drained from work,
You always made me feel at home,
Since my family were miles away...

A man of generosity,
Sometimes us girls need help with LA fixes,
A call from you made the work so much easier,
You were always ever ready to help,
Even when you were not well...

A man of Hope,
You spoke of God and life,
You were always inspiring,
Even till the last moments on earth,
You showed me God's amazing love...

A man of Love,
You have been a good man,
Filled with integrity and lived life to the fullest,
I have no doubts you are in Heaven now,
I am sad that you are no longer here,
But I am happy that we have a saint to pray for us now,
You will always be remembered, 
Till the day I will meet and join you in our eternal home...

A Random Muse

Sometimes it's bleeding,
A throw in the darkness,
Where it cannot breathe,
No words can hold it,
Cries can't contain it,
Flying through the blindness,
The heart can't let go

A gem in the slum-airs,
Mopping up the threshold,
Anything or nothing upheld,
Rowing up bloops of vomit,
Careless clouds of emptiness,
Creating jukebox of heartaches,
A note to hit and kill it,
A song buried deep within,
Music transcends and float high,
A call far beyond comprehension,
Will it be or will it not,
A random muse or not it seem 

Death and Heaven

Death is not something people always talk about. It is even taboo in many cultures.
Yet, it is something we cannot avoid. For those who have lost their loved ones, they know precisely what I am saying. Death is inevitable.

For many people who have no God, this earthly life is all they have. That is tragic.

But for many of us who know and believe in Jesus, death is not a bad thing. This life is a temporary journey for us. We are to live life to the fullest on this earth as it is a beautiful gift from God. Life is beautiful but death can be beautiful too. I do not mean that we should end our lives for that is terrible. Life is too precious to be thrown away.

However, our life on earth has an expiry date. There will come a day when God will call us home. A place Jesus has prepared for all of us who believe and follow Him. A place where there will be no more hunger and sadness. A place of joy for eternity.

If you think life is unbearable now, think of the eternal home you will enter. What we are facing now is just a tiny fraction of trials but soon, when all is said and done, we shall have eternal bliss. For now, be patient and be thankful for everything.

The recent Boston terror and China earthquake has lost so many people. It is a moment of grief and sadness especially when one were not able to say their goodbyes and bid farewell to their loved ones. However, there is still hope. These souls are not lost forever. Your loved ones are not lost forever. There is heaven.

That is something we all should look forward to. May we all be reunited with our loved ones in Heaven. Wouldn't it be cool to see Moses, Abraham, Mary, Peter and Paul?

Dream Dancer - Dance with God

As a child, I dream of many things.

I wanted to be an author like Enid Blyton. I wanted to be a ballerina like Anna Pavlova. As I grew up, I grew so fond of one of the characters in Famous Five which Enid Blyton created that I wanted to be like her. Her name was George. I longed to solve mysteries and be a greater detective than the Famous Five and Sherlock Holmes combined. When I leave high school, I wanted to be world's most successful fashion designer. I am none of the above.

As times passed and circumstances changed and break our dreams, we grew used to broken hearts and dead passions. We became numb to heart-wrenching feelings and we dare not dream anymore.

Sometimes we realized we were chasing dreams that would never be real and we give up. Sometimes the realities of the harsh life we are facing made us succumb to everyday life with no soul left in us. Perhaps sometimes we are chasing the wrong dreams.

The prodigal son in the bible squandered his father's wealth in pursuit of a dream of fun and pleasure. Not all our dreams are good. We could be so caught up with the world and we wanted to be like the rest of the world, chasing wealth and fame that will never last.

So what's left for us? What about our feelings and desires? What about our broken dreams?

Sometimes we over-analyzed our dreams and talents that we forgot who knows us best, better than ourselves. We put limitations to our life and we crushed the dreams that we had.

This verse from a poem really got me thinking.

"Step then
from the staid and somber line.
Move out in dancing
into dreams so daring; 
without them you will settle for the road
that wanders by and winds to nowhere."
-Dream Dancer

Let us dare to dream again but this time not our own selfish dreams but of God. When you truly trust and love God, it is not about your feelings but more of "What Does God Say?"

Let our dreams be with God 
and let us dance into His arms 
and let Him lead us to the dance floor of His choice.