Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dutch Coffee. Coffee + Art. Gothicism and Akma

My mornings do not stir alive without a cup of coffee.

I love coffee. It is the love potion that awakens me to write, paint and be creative. My recent encounters of coffee include coffee that uses the cold drip method, where coffee droplets are dripped through filters of cold drip coffee makers, forming rich coffee juice. The long process results in Dutch Coffee.  

Dutch Coffee. These two words tantalise my senses as I think of the taste in my mouth. In fact, I am craving for it at this very instant as good Dutch Coffee is unavailable in Sarawak, where I am residing now as a full time artist and writer; at least not to my knowledge. Please enlighten me if you do.

I first tasted 3B INC (Three Bears Dutch Coffee) last year during a visit in KL. The premium black coffee laced my tongue with a whiskey-like flavour. I also tried the ones that came with milk. Delicious and rich but not heavy, Dutch Coffee has a slight distinctive flavour from other coffee that I've tasted. I discovered that Will Jung, a Korean coffee expert is the founder of Three Bears and I secretly hope that he will introduce Dutch Coffee to Sarawak.

Three Bears Dutch Coffee by Will Jung
Photo credit:

You can probably already guess that Coffee + Art brings delight to me. I stumbled upon Coffee + Art in its finest beauty. Dutch Lab from Korea has created Dutch Coffee makers that resemble exquisite displays of art.

The designs under the Steampunk line struck me with awe especially at the intricacy of the details which reminded me of Gothic Cathedrals that I’ve visited abroad. Beyond beautiful, its structure is strong, delicately assembled and built to make more coffee in less time as compared to other cold drip coffee makers. It enables one to make up to 3000 ml of coffee at one given time with a three litre water tank, three coffee tanks for 100 to 150 grams of coffee grounds and three 1,000 ml coffee servers.

New Akma
Photo Credit:

The names Gothicism and Akma under the Steampunk range reveals the splendour of the creations developed by Korean’s young industrial and architectural designers with inputs from famous Seoul barista, Jae Wong Kwak. Gothicism exudes features of medieval cathedrals. The pointed arches, rose windows and towering spires are some of the characters thrown into the appearance. The word, Akma came from the Korean word ‘devil’ to display the dark and sharp elements although to me personally, it bears nothing devilish. It is in fact, elegant and angelic but solemn, which commands a certain reverence to it.
Akma Close up shot
Photo credit:
The main structure is built from anodized aluminium that has been laser cut to complement the brass needle valves and borosilicate glass tubes. Aluminium prevents rusting while anodizing ensures long lasting usage. This three legged coffee-making monument is not only striking and stable but also user-friendly.

 I am amazed to find out that these art pieces have travelled to many exhibitions abroad including Netherlands, China and etc. Let's hope they come to Malaysia!

Gothicism and Akma at Art exhibition
Photo credit:

Needless to say, it is also expensive but that is true of every masterpiece in art.

After watching the video below of how the conceptual ideas were birthed, I felt like owning one of these pieces even though I do not make coffee.

I am dreaming of drinking Dutch Coffee now.  


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  2. Thank you so much historypak/bongs for dropping by. May you always have good coffee :)

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