Sunday, October 2, 2016

Inktober Month Sale!

My dear friends,
To celebrate #Inktober month, I'm throwing a sale of more than 50% discount for all my original Black and White ink drawings/illustrations and sketches including new commissions.

Sizes A5 and smaller go for USD15 excluding postage rates.
Sizes between A5 and A4 go for USD20 excluding postage rates.
Throw in another USD5 and you get a short handwritten poem crafted specially for the drawing.
As always, I do international delivery.

All artworks in my albums are for sale unless stated otherwise.There are some pieces currently on display in Perth and you can have them if you don't mind waiting for a while for me to get it back. If you find something you really like and it's not for sale or it's Sold, you can commission for something similar.

Some ideas for commission: Name Art for that special someone, Word art for a verse/quote that u love, character art of a person you want to give to, special rendering of a place you love and etc. Personalized gifts for Christmas, Anniversary, Birthdays and that romantic date!

Take note that I will be travelling from 17 Oct till Nov so orders made after 17 Oct will be delivered late.

Feel free to browse through my Facebook albums titled "My Passion", "My Passion 2", "My Passion 3" and "My Passion 4"

This promotion is only available during the month of October.

Please feel free to SHARE with others whom you think might be interested :)

Thank you so much for supporting my Arts. I wish you a lovely October with pleasant surprises! Peace and Love. XX

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