Tuesday, December 30, 2014



The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

I could feel the waters rushing through my tyres. The rain balls thumped hard onto my window screen, and splashed out like waterfalls gushing down into the tar roads as I drove under the heavy downpour. My astigmatism which has possibly worsened was not helping either. What if flood occurred and I got stranded in the middle of the roads? I was staying on the outskirts of the city and I was trying to get home after watching The Hobbits.

“You are not Alone.” I recalled the words given to Gandalf the Grey when he was on the brink of death. Lady Galadriel came and freed him. I reminded myself I was not alone either. God was with me. The angels were with me. They would keep me safe. True enough, the rain stopped halfway to my home and I was able to open the gate without being soaked wet.


Galadriel was later surrounded by the dark and they tortured her courage by telling her she was the only little light in the darkness. However, she was not alone. Her compatriots came to the rescue. Many times, we think we are alone with evils, disasters and nasty people attacking us. That is not true. We forget that there are angels around us, sent by God to guard and protect us. We need only believe. The world is not only a physical one but a spiritual battle that we could not see with our normal eyes.


The dragon with all its pride and confidence wanted to crush Barn and his son. His son was terrified. Who would not be with the dragon behind you, ready to pounce and burn you up? Barn was calm. He assured his son to look at him. The dragon was defeated. Likewise, when we feel that we are going to vanish and hope is nowhere to be found, LOOK AT OUR FATHER. Look at HIM that IS ALL POSSIBLE and not at ourselves who are merely humans. LOOK UP to God, our Father and we will not grow weary. HE is able to do immeasurably more than we can possibly imagine.


Bilbo, small and weak without a warrior’s training was the most courageous of them all. He put love and honour above greed and gold. Thorin was blinded by GREED. So blinded that he forgot his true purpose, he almost could not wake up but a dear kin awakened him to his senses. Let us not be crushed by the power of Greed, Pride and Lust. We are born for a greater purpose than to be swallowed up by worldly desires.


Let us learn from this movie. Let the past year be a lesson from our downfalls and let our successes be an encouragement to go on, pursue our passion, fuel our adventures, fulfil our mission and spread a little light and love everywhere we go.

A Blessed and Happy New Year to you all!

Friday, November 28, 2014

A Night's Wish

Sweet lullabies stroll pass by,
Soul unaffected wide awake,
In batik dress the body twitches,
A thousand questions jump in,
Who is the true self in making?

Glimpses of past soar through,
Hurdles of future latch and grow,
Broken dreams in a glass box,
Shining like a diamond patchwork,
What remains of the desires now?

Mountains of checklist to cross,
The fingers freeze to inch forward,
Mind plunges in abyss of nowhere,
Insomnia beckons and say hello,
Why does slumber not take over?

Brain refuses to unwind and rest,
Chills down the spine and wreck,
Restless nerves prick and shame,
A mosquito buzzes and tortures,
When will the spirit release itself?

Towers of nagging ideas pitch in,
Procrastination flags and waves,
Nightmares built into reality bites,
Madness leaves a stroke of genius,
Where is the promise of comfort?

Massage knots away from muscles,
Blood flows and breathing resumes,
Tensions swing by in new heights,
Feet curl in rhythm and toe wriggles,
How will the labour cease in peace?

Loud snores from the other bed,
An excuse not to hit the pillows,
Yet the heart begs sleep to visit
Take flight into realms of angels
Into God's hands the soul enters

Just Do It

Just do it
So a poet
Says in thrill

Why it comes
What it holds
How to soar

One step up
A door knob
Swing it wide

Push in tears
Strive with might
Eyes in awe

Cling to see
True to self
Dreams lit up

Your Tease

Artwork and Poem by Angelina Bong

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Melancholy Drips

Melancholy drops into a glass,
Spilling out into mere charms,
The music plays over and over,
Sipping wine alone at night,
Where is the precious jewel?

Showers of craziness pass by,
Fun days are no longer present,
Young hearts broken into pieces,
Merlot trickles down the throat,
Why has the gem gone away?

My Glass of Wine at Night..my company with poetry

Golden leaves fall on the face,
Touch the streaming tears,
Eyes stare into nothingness,
Swallows love in rich gulps,
What is left of the sparkle?

Clock strikes midnight blue,
Wind blows like gentle kisses,
Numb from worldly wishes,
Licking sweet memories away,
Who will see it gleam again?

Pick up brushes and paint,
Fly into the arms of fire,
Move on and draw desires,
Chill the burns that flow,
When will it be diamond?

Shards of cuts break loose,
Good nights to be forgotten,
Lips chant to que sera sera,
The entire bottle is empty,
How will it rise and shine?

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Sitting under the towering bamboo trees, I look out to the ripples on the lake. The wind is blowing gently and a few birds pass by. No one else is in sight except for a few construction men hammering away on the roofs at least a kilometre away from me. 

There are pieces of rubbish laying nearby my feet including a pink soiled slipper, possibly left behind by a child of about ten years old. It does not bother me one bit. Why? Because I need to get away.

Away from the noises and naggings, stacks of chores and obligations, clutters of ideas in my mind, the feeling of being stuck and nowhere else to go, decisions to be made and etc. So I need just a little time alone to breathe and be in touch with divinity, with God.

God, what do you want me to do now? I remembered the lake behind my house and grabbing my sketchbook and a pen, I walked out into the hot sun and just kept walking. Motorcycles buzzed by. The thought of snatch thieves did not scare me at all. So what if I lose my phone? I kept walking. Lord, I need to be alone with you! You better clear off everyone else from the lake. 

God heard me. When I reached the lake, it was empty. I have never seen the lake so peaceful without a single soul around. 

And so..I found a little corner facing the lake with bamboo trees bending down on both sides to create a little arch as a shade to shield me from the scorching sun. I sat down. My heart cried. What's next Lord? Why is it so tough to follow you? As the wind blew stronger, my heart calmed but not for long. What if a pervert was lurking around and decide to pounce on me? Rape? Shucks..right there and then I was reminded to not be afraid. God watches over me.

The lake near my house..my breakaway

I sit there and just stare at the waters moving in rhythm towards me. All fears have left. God is with me. I still do not find my answers yet but a sense of peace tells me that everything will be all right. All will be made clear. There is a hand holding me through the fog. I may not be able to see the road in front of me but someone up there can and He's going to guide me through. Failures will not break me. It just simply means God has a better plan. 

I see something moving through the clear waters. It's a snake! I do not budge. I hear a vehicle moving close. Looking behind, I see a white van approaching my direction driven by a middle aged man who looks like a mechanic. I think it's a sign I should leave. I get up and go home.

I thank God for the little breakaway! It's not like I've experienced anything phenomenal or recharged completely from a spiritual retreat. A breath of fresh air from my suffocating situation is all I wanted and God blessed me with it.

I feel ideas pouring into my soul now. Definitely a new story brewing..time to get to work! You should totally try a breakaway too even if it means just taking a walk down the block from your stuffy office or a 5 mins break from your pile of dishes!

Friday, September 12, 2014

TOO much Imagination

Too much imagination. Sometimes I wonder if it's a gift or a curse. Everything I see can automatically be used as an inspiration to create something else. Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of time to accomplish all these. 

I am already toying with the idea of my second novel with no affirmations whatsoever that I will ever get the first one published. I have not exactly met up with any publishers except for a few competitions that I've entered with the hope of getting a publication. Any recommendations?

Self-publishing sounds like a brilliant idea but with zero cash and lack of experience, I wonder if I can make that happen. In fact, I already have the book cover in mind for my first novel. Definitely another painting of mine!

Some of you perhaps may already know that I am an artist, writer and fashion designer/stylist. Juggling the different fields are way more challenging than I thought especially when you're working from home with household chores and family obligations come nagging at you during times when you should be locked away in a room writing! Sad to say, not many of us can afford that sacred studio space rented just to do writing or painting.


I guess I will just have to suck it all in and do adjustments over and over again. Hopefully by this time next year, I would have made some progress and perhaps have a space that I can let myself go and get lost in my arts.

Fridays don't make much difference to me but for those craving for the weekend holidays away from the 9 to 5 job, Happy Friday to you all!