Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mo Ghile Mear

A little update on my Arts.I've been blessed with the increase of commissioned artworks for the past few months.
Here is one of them.

I titled it Mo Ghile Mear meaning Gallant Darling in Irish. I was listening to Celtic Woman's version while painting and was totally inspired by the music, lyrics and free spirits of the rhythm which is what I wanted to portray in this particular piece. (The original version of the song seems to have different lyrics).

I am honoured to have been asked by a client who is currently staying in Ireland to paint this for her relative who just lost a sibling. I'm posting it later today to UK where they are residing.

Mo Ghile Mear
Acrylic on Canvas
by Angelina Bong

Here is my message to the receiver

Your brother was always cheerful 
and caring, like warm colours surrounding 
you. As he passed to another world, solemn 
colours emerged in blueish hues, realms of 
sadness and loss but still balmingly blue as his 
presence had always made things more 

He is like a butterfly now, his spirit is free 
in a happier place. The truth is, he never really 
left, he is up there and around, watching over
you and everyone he loves. His little dots of love
 fly around as he leaves behind his legacy. His 
soul and spirit is very much alive, moving around 
like the wind blowing in the painting.

p/s: I recommend looking at this painting accompanied by 'Mo Ghile Mear' sung by Celtic Woman.Here's the youtube video of them live:

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