Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fear Not, Have Faith

I am waiting for admission to hospital again. This is my third time this year.
I am so used to it that I do not feel afraid any longer. Somehow, when you are used to certain procedures and pain, you are numb to them.
I have been having gastro and abdominal problems for quite a while and medications do not seem to help.
I am prepared for the worst. I am at peace in the midst of all these troubles. I have accepted that trials and tribulations are part of our life and we cannot escape from them.
Everyone is showered with mountains of challenges but it is up to us on how we face them. Do we face them alone or do we surrender to God and let Him lead the way?
Fears can easily put a chain around us and make us paralysed with hopelessness. Faith releases fear and enables us to cling on to God although we cannot see what lies ahead of us.
Most of the time, unexpected events throw themselves at us and we are caught off guard. Some of us become depressed and drive even a few to the point of committing suicide.
However, our God is bigger than any of these events. He repeatedly tells us not to be afraid all through out the New and Old testament.
As I sit here waiting, I feel peace more than anything else. His words are my pillars of strength. I could feel my inner being transfixed on the words, " Fear Not, Have Faith".
I hope you have faith too.
May God be with you.

Friday, November 23, 2012

I dedicate this to you...God Loves You

Dear friends and readers who stumble upon this blog, 
I would like to dedicate the following painting of mine to you all.
Whenever you feel down or low, look at the Cross.
God loves you so much.
Ponder on the Cross.
The Cross will never fail you.
Do not for one second believe in the lies of the world.
You are precious and His cross proves it all.
Embrace Him and let Him restore you.
I wish you well.
God loves you.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The bag pipes are calling,
Sacred sounds of sweet raindrops,
Fragrant of blood and tears plummeting,
Footsteps threading slowly,
Mesmerized by the voices of angels,
Echoing a million miles from home,
Picking up the fragments of broken hearts,
The spring of life ticking away,
Unfortunate tragedies stole an heir,
Mighty is the throne no more,
No living creatures used to hail,
How precious yet fragile,
Battles fought till all drops are gone,
Refuge in the shadows of the forest,
The river of the divine spreading strength,
Trailing the fountain of life,
Unseen cherabims beaming with light,
Lonesome and weary filled with pain,
Kadosh kadosh he cries out
Who may answer the call
Bleak with crushed dreams and hopes
Wishing in the cavern of crosses
Running to that white pure house 
All might and soul drawn to its glory
Forsaking a life with jewelry
Diamonds and gold no more
One day in his court is better
Than a thousand elsewhere
Caressing whispers of sacrifice
Embracing Kadosh 
Oh Kadosh

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hope in Pomegranate Sky

There is thunder in the city, i can hear it from my bed 
and it's filling every corner, waking every weary head 
but when that wind rolls down to take me, and bear me up through stormy skies 
i know i'll break on through to morning, i know i'll reach the other side 

and all my friends will be there waiting, 
and my sweet amanda leigh 
and i'll know that every crossroads 
brought me where i'm supposed to be 

and we'll be singing hallelujah, till we reach the by and by 
and we'll rest our weary hearts in the pomegranate sky 

there is hope in misdirection
, there is beauty in the fall 
there is sunlight in the setback, and in every engine stall 
i was made to tread deep water, made to walk a winding street 
never knowing where i'm headed till it's underneath my feet 

but i'll find that home uncertain, with a fire in the hearth 
i'll find comfort in deliverance from the coldness and the dark 

and we'll be singing hallelujah, till we reach the by and by 
and we'll rest our weary hearts in the pomegranate sky
The lyrics above belongs to Taylor Berrett who sings the song as well. It's entitled "Pomegranate sky". 

It's such a lovely song. Sometimes God reminds us of His love and hope through random things of the world. This song gives me hope.

There is hope in misdirection and there is beauty in the fall; Taylor sings..

Autumn always depict leaves falling and cold sombre mood..we humans are like that too..we fall and make mistakes and most of the times, we play the mistakes over and over in our heads..even when everyone else has forgotten about it.

The one person we always almost never get to forgive is ourselves. Forgive yourself, let the past go and begin anew. Love yourself because God loves you.

No matter if your future seems to fall apart or you're dying of cancer, do not give up and give in.

There is always hope.

We can always look up to the pomegranate sky and smile because God who makes lovely pomegranates is looking down on us, smiling and sheltering us in His arms.

God bless and keep you. Alleluia!

Butterflies in the Stomach

Weird Crushes
Nauseating Pulls
Love in the pit
Stomach crunches smell

Highlights of Maalox
Charcoal swirls
Perhaps one or two
Windy anxieties
Crazy infatuation gushes

Unknown forces
Bacteria or virus
Love or hate
Naughty dreams
Gastric spells bewitching

Butterflies flapping
Flipping intestines
Wishes upside down
Missing reverie
Awake and behold