Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The bag pipes are calling,
Sacred sounds of sweet raindrops,
Fragrant of blood and tears plummeting,
Footsteps threading slowly,
Mesmerized by the voices of angels,
Echoing a million miles from home,
Picking up the fragments of broken hearts,
The spring of life ticking away,
Unfortunate tragedies stole an heir,
Mighty is the throne no more,
No living creatures used to hail,
How precious yet fragile,
Battles fought till all drops are gone,
Refuge in the shadows of the forest,
The river of the divine spreading strength,
Trailing the fountain of life,
Unseen cherabims beaming with light,
Lonesome and weary filled with pain,
Kadosh kadosh he cries out
Who may answer the call
Bleak with crushed dreams and hopes
Wishing in the cavern of crosses
Running to that white pure house 
All might and soul drawn to its glory
Forsaking a life with jewelry
Diamonds and gold no more
One day in his court is better
Than a thousand elsewhere
Caressing whispers of sacrifice
Embracing Kadosh 
Oh Kadosh

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