Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pure Fashion

As someone who has been with fashion all these years, from manufacturing to fashion shows to those glossy spreads we see on magazines, I have come to realise that more often than not, fashion has more negative than positive contributions especially towards the younger generation.

Don't get me wrong. Fashion is not bad in itself but what the world has made it to be. A lot of us have idolized images of women from the likes of the models on magazines, Sex & the City and etc due to fashion. We want to be like them and act like them. We have forgotten how to be individuals and we have forgotten how to be the true person we are made to be. We have manipulated to think that all it takes to be someone is to be fashionable, thin and sexy. Anorexia, depression, mental issues are all outcomes of this.

Therefore, i applaud 'pure fashion' for taking a balanced approach towards fashion and for reminding us that beauty is more than fashion.

Check out the videos..the promo video is good.

Coming from someone who has been living in the world of fashion for the past 10 years or so, i hope i have not contributed to this messed up image of women around me. If i have, i am truely sorry.

The Lord's message to St. Catherine of Siena

"A different reward is received by the soul who perceives only My will, which, as has been said, wishes nothing else but your good; so that everything which I give or permit to happen to you, I give so that you may arrive at the end for which I created you." St. Catherine of Siena

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Rock-Solid Marriage

Does that kind still exist?

     That kind will always exist. In the small town of Siroki-Brieg, 20 miles from Medjugorje, parish records show not a single divorce from among 13,000 faithful. Within the memory of the living, not a single family has broken apart. Could it be that Herzegovina enjoys some sort of special priviledge from heaven? Do the young couples pronounce some secret formula during the ceremony? Is there some kind of magical trick that protects them from the demon of quarrels and division?

     The answer is much simpler than all that! For centuries the people of this land have suffered cruelly because others have tried to take from them their Christian faith and wipe off the map the precious name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross and rose again to open up the gates of Eternal Life for us. They know from experience that their salvation lies in the Cross of Christ. Salvation does not come from UN Peace Keepers, from disarmament treaties, from humanitarian aid, from peace accords or speeches from the United Nations. even if these efforts can sometimes be channels for bringing a little help to the world. No, the source of salvation is the Cross of Christ!

     The humble people of Herzegovina have the intelligence of the poor, that beautiful wisdom that consists of being nobody's fool in matters of life and death. This is why they have linked forever marriage and the Cross of Christ. They have grounded marriage, which is the source of human life, in the Cross, which is the source of divine life.

    The Croatians have a particularly beautiful wedding tradition-which delights the pilgrims in Medjugorje-so beautiful, in fact, that people are picking it up in Europe and even in America!

    When young people are getting ready to wed, people don't tell them that they found the ideal partner, the person of their dreams. This is what the priest tells them:" You found your cross. And a cross if to be loved, to be carried; a cross is not to be thrown away, but to be cherished." If a priest said these words in France, the fiances would be stuck speechless. But in Herzegovina, the Cross evokes the greatest love, and the crucifix is the treasure of the home.

     Father Jozo often tells the pilgrims about the tradition that has been upheld in his country. When the fiances set off for the church to be married, they bring a crucifix with them. This crucifix is blessed by the priest, and during the exchange of vows it holds a central place.

    The bride places her right hand on the cross, and the groom puts his hand over hers, so that their two hands are bound together on the cross, grounded in the Cross. Then the priest covers their hands with his stole; the young people proclaim their vows and promise to be faithful, according to the classic rite of the Church. Once the promises are exchanged, the bride and groom do not kiss each other, but rather they kiss the Cross: they know that they are kissing the source of love. Anyone close enough to see their two hands joined on the Cross understands clearly that if the husband lets go of his wife, or if the wife lets go of her husband, they let go of the Cross! And if they abandon the Cross, they have nothing left - they have lost everything, for they have abandoned Jesus. They have lost Jesus.

    After the ceremony the newlyweds bring the crucifix back to their home and give it a place of honour in the house. It becomes the center of family prayer, for the young couple believes deeply that the family is born of the Cross. When a trouble arises, or if they experience some conflict, they will come before the this crucifix to seek help (meaning pray).They will not go to a lawyer, or a fortune teller, or have their palms read, they won;t rely on a psychologist or a counselor to settle the matter. No, they go to their Jesus, in front of the Cross. They kneel there, they cry there, they pour out their hearts there; and above all they forgive there. They will not go to sleep until they have unburdened their hearts for they will have gone to Jesus for help. He who is the only One who has the power to save.

     The first thing the children are given is the Cross. They kiss the Cross everyday and don't go to bed at night like the pagans without having thanked Jesus. As far back as the children can remember, Jesus has been the special friend of the family, respected and embraced. They don't go to bed with a 'blankey' to hug at night in order to feel secure; rather, they say 'nighty-night' to Jesus and kiss the Cross. They go to sleep with Jesus, not with a teddy bear. They know that Jesus will keep them safe within His arms, that there is nothing to be afraid of, and their fears melt away in that kiss to Jesus.

I found this real life story truly inspiring that i feel i must share. Article above taken from the book" Medjugorje, the '90s written by Sr. Emmanuel.

Embracing a crucifix or a cross is not a superstitious belief that many has misunderstood. Rather, it is a reminder that Jesus loves us so much that He died on the cross for us. Whenever we see a crucifix, we are reminded that God is always with us and He is watching over us. Thus, invoking love in us and reminding us that we shall not offend God anymore.

Today, marriage has become a piece of legal paper. However, in God's eyes, it is still a covenant. What God has unite, man shall not divide. The beautiful tradition described above just shows how much God values a marriage.It is precious in His eyes.

I remember a pastor once told me, at the end of the day, when you feel like nothing is working out and you want to give up marriage, the Cross will remind you that it is God who has united you and He has a purpose for this marriage.

I hope you're inspired. God bless.
Peace and Love.

Thanks Whitney Houston for being an Inspiration!

I am almost a year late to watch Whitney Houston's interview with Oprah but nevertheless, not too late to be touched by her transformation. It was amazing to see the breakthrough after 7 years of silence. What struck me most was she chose to come back into the music industry, the very field where she got messed up and allowed God to use her talent to touch others.

I pray for many more like her. Many more who will be brave enough to stand up for their faith and proclaim to the world that there is a God who cares and loves us and who is waiting for us to have joy in our hearts. Her wonderful testimonial is indeed a light in this world especially in the world of music where many has sunk into the chains of worldliness and has forgotten how to love and be loved. 

My favourite part is when she says "One day at a time". That's how we should take each day as it is. One day at a time.

Here's a glimpse of the interview.

This is one of her new songs that is truly inspiring...listen to the lyrics sung..

Thank you Whitney for allowing God to use you as a vessel of light to us.

The Message is Prayer

“Dear children! With great joy, also today, I desire to call you anew: pray, pray, pray. May this time be a time of personal prayer for you. During the day, find a place where you will pray joyfully in a recollected way. I love you and bless you all. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Glimpse of My King

Such Divine Sweetness,

To wake up to the face of my King,

What heavenly cup of honey,

Served as tea to quench my thirst

Such Mystical Experience,

To savour the realms of the crown,
What fresh water from nothingness,

Poured unto me to cleanse my soul

Such Beautiful Moment,

To taste a touch of the Kingdom,

What honour and glory from on high,

Bestowed on me the maid from below

Such Extraordinary Joy,
To sit at the feet of my Servant King,

What words could not fully explain,

A glimpse of the treasures that are to come

Turn up the Music

Turn up the music without delay
The song inside of me wants to come out and play
A note that floats between alto and soprano
Tuning perhaps into a world that none can go

Strangers face each other with passions that take flight
Souls intertwined with the music of the night
A heartbeat that plays the never-ending story
Where no one can claim either shame or glory

The rhythm in me beats to the sound of love
From the depths of my soul to the heavens above
Crumbling the walls that was built over the years
Till my music banish my deepest fears

Message from the Blessed Mother in Medjugorje

".....Little children, do not fear, for I am with you, even when you think there is no way out and that Satan reigns. I bring peace to you. I am your mother and the Queen of Peace. I bless you with the blessing of joy so that God may be everything to you in your lives. Thank you for having responded to my call."

Almost Perfect

It came in a box
Beautifully wrapped, endearingly carved
Majestically presented


It was chipped
A small flaw that seemed almost invisible
A tiny crack with a fragile stare

Almost oblivion to the eyes of many
A spark without the light

Like music humming in the midst of moonlight
Like starry nights looking back at Van Gogh
It was almost sublime
It was almost honest


It stood silently, unknowingly
It wrapped its enchantment around the blurring vision
Like dewy drops on a cold misty morning
Like palette of colours swishing in a monotone

It is flawed


Almost Perfect

Who am I?

Who am I?
I was nothing but a speck of dust
You moulded me into a pot without rust

Who am I?
I was a useless piece of metallic crust
You shaped me into a pure form without lust

Who am I?
I was a dead body with meaningless breathing
You breathed life into my very being

Who am I?
I was numb with no cure for my common dream
You filled me by your precious spirit with a new gleam

Who am I that you sought to restore my soul?
 Who am I that you strive for my lost, wretched soul?

Who am I that you had to endure searing pain?
Who am I that you would withhold sun for thunders and rain?

Who am I that you were swallowed in the depths of isolation?
Who am I that you had to suffer disgust and humiliation?

Who am I that you would carve me in your palms?
Who am I that you would carry me in your arms?

Who am I that you would embrace the darkest hour?
Who am I that you chose to be a servant without power?

Who am I that you burn for passion for the likes of me?
Who am I that you shower mercy to a creature like me?

Who am I to deserve such grace?
Who am I that you would save?

Who am I?

The pain on the cross will always be beyond my comprehension
But this I know your spirit is more than enough to be my companion
The blood you shed for me is beyond the grasp of my understanding
But I rejoice in hope, enduring in affliction for life everlasting

Forgive Me

I am swimming in the sea of remorse and guilt,
Fishing for pleas of mercy and pity
How could I destroy the bridge that was built?
How could I crush the trust that was given infinitely?

Forgive me for my foolishness
Forgive me for my naivety
I do not deserve forgiveness
I do not deserve mercy

How could I stamp my foot on what was obvious?
How could I give in to cravings of worldliness?
How could I forget you and be oblivious?
How could I chuck away what was once blissfulness?

I hope for another chance
I hope this journey will never end
I hope I will never need to stop our dance
I hope the perfect string will not bend

I hope I will not be forsaken
Lest I’ll be lost in the sea of chaos and blindness
I hope this connection will not be broken
Lest my soul will be scattered into madness

Forgive me not for sinning
Forgive me not for running
Forgive me not for lying


Forgive me for hurting

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dancing in the Moonlight

An enchanting night was how it begun,

Twinkling of magical powders all around…

Swirling and twirling,

The moon lights beaming,

The dance floor flooding,

The music serenading…

In the midst of the booming,

You stood there handsomely charming,

Tall and poised, there were none as dashing,

You caught my eyes and sent me spinning…

Words can’t explain what went on happening,

Hard to comprehend the mystical surrounding,

Caught off guard by mere transcending,

A young bud that went on blooming…

Across the mist and flickering light,

A fairy tale story had just ascended,

Tales of never-ending dancing that took flight,

However unfortunate it had to be ended…

Dancing in the moon light,

Those precious moments that felt so right,

Don’t come twice on a note so rare,

Short and sweet it shall stay.

One Awaits

Sleepless Nights,
Painful Blisters,
Turbulence Awaits…

Ugly Sights,
Imprisoned Soul,
Decaying of the Body…

Endless Questions,
Anxieties Galore,
Agonies Perspiring…

Is this the Awakening that was meant to be?
A Rapture that is to come?
A Purification process of the Soul?
A Sanctifying grace that one cannot comprehend?

One Awaits…

A Rainbow after the Rain
The Light after the Darkest Hour
Resurrection after Galilee
Hope after Despair

The time will come…

Yes, it shall

As One Awaits


Sitting by the alley
Eating is the only thing on her mind
Or perhaps
Nothing is too great to bother her now

She can hear the rumble
She can’t help but grumble

Why her?
Oh Why?

She just wants a touch
She just wants a ‘hi’
She just wants a quick acknowledgement
Or perhaps
She just wants someone to reach out

Perhaps a pat
Perhaps a hug
Or even
Perhaps a smile

Is it so much to ask for?
Is it so much to aim for?
Is it so much to long for?

Her soul is aching
Her heart is longing
Her throat is thirsting
Her stomach is churning

Her loneliness too deep
Her hopelessness too much
Her helplessness too huge
Her bleakness too strong

She can no longer take it

Why her?
Oh Why?

She will be leaving the world
Sitting by that alley


The Greatest Love

The greatest Love
To lay down one’s life for another
It is incomprehensible
It is inconceivable in the minds of other

The greatest Love
To pick up the Cross and carry
It is undeniable
It is unbearable for many to tally

The greatest Love
To wash the feet of one lower than He
It is unthinkable
It is unacceptable to those who deny He

The greatest Love
To offer one’s blood and body
It is unfathomable
It is unmeasurable to those who are called to be holy

Ask Yourselves

There’s a voice crying out in me
Screaming to send the message across
Why do you judge someone from its colour?
Why do you judge a book from its cover?

There are too many prejudices in the world
Every race has for another
Aren’t all men made equal?
Aren’t God’s love made for all?

Why do you look at a Black man as if he’s a troublemaker?
Why do you look at a Jew as if he’s an outcast?
Why do you look at an Arab as if he’s a strangler?
Why do you look at a White man as if he’s an oppressor?
Why do you look at a Chinese as if he’s a cheater?
Why do you look at a Native as if he’s a hooligan?

Why oh why?

Is it fair to judge someone unless you know them?
Is it fair to criticize based on how they look?
Is it fair to accuse a race because of one rotten apple?
Is it fair to pass crude jokes based on colour?

Ask yourselves
Is it Fair?

Ask yourselves
Shouldn’t we build a better tomorrow for our children by loving all just the same?

Ask yourselves
Shouldn’t we create unity and not build divisions?

Ask yourselves
Shouldn’t we embrace one another as equally God’s children?

Ask yourselves
Shouldn’t we welcome peace and not oppress another?

Ask yourselves
Shouldn’t you look beyond the skin and see a man’s worth from within?

Ask yourselves
Can you actually be that shallow?

Ask yourselves…

Ask yourselves…

Ask yourselves…

It is Only Temporary

It is only temporary
Long winded but for a short while
Never too far yet never too near
Inexhaustible measures
Incompatible philosophies

Is it worth it all?
Is it worth the pain and the pleasure?

It offers the life or so it seems but never eternal
A temporary entry into the kingdom of glory

Does it prevail?
Does it last?

A stronghold so afflicted
A captive so bonded
A maiden so wounded
A moment of pleasure

The peak of desire causes disaster
Far, far ahead beyond measures
Yet never too far to withhold
It is only temporary

With a blink of an eye
A chapter of life is swept away

Why pursue? Why not surrender?
Why hold on? Why not give up?
Why grasp so tightly? Why not let go?

It is only temporary
Like the clay that has not been moulded
Like the diamonds that has not been refined
Like the silver that has not been polished

It will soon be done
A long process yet never too short
No looking back, no cutting short

A vision too blurry
A journey too windy
A road too bumpy

Walk by faith, not by sight
Walk the talk, reap the work


It is only temporary
The tide waits for no one,
The night comes and steals,
Heaven and hell awaits…

A Sensitive Soul am I

A sensitive soul am I
Who could understand?

A gentle spirit I wish to be
A whiff of joy I wish to spread

Most people think I’m easy
Most people think I’m cool
Naively they think I am all bubbly
Wittily they think I am all smiles

A sensitive soul am I
The tortured inner self
The depth of my soul cries for more
No one understands

I am to the world problem free and happy is my name
I am to the world an angel of joy and cheery is my soul
Little did they know the words raging in me
Little did they know the turmoil burning in me

A sensitive soul am I
If only they can understand
If only they can see beyond their eyes
If only they can hear beyond their ears

How a sensitive soul am I

Be with Me

Teach me

But don’t be harsh on me

Mould me

But don’t be rough on me

Discipline me

But don’t be stern on me

Refine me

But don’t be hard on me

Polish me

But don’t be sharp on me

Above all…

Rescue me

Save me

Deliver me
Flee me


Be with Me

I Say a Little Prayer

I say a little prayer ,

That I may have a house of spotless beauty but from within,

That if I have time for cleaning and polishing,

Oh that it may be of godliness instead of sheer cleanliness,

Oh that I may have the chance to leave fingerprints in the little ones,

Oh that I may wipe the tears away before I wipe up the spilled milk,

Oh that I may pick up the child before I pick up the toys.

I say a little prayer,

That I may have a life of adventure and fun,

That if I have interruptions and distractions,

Oh that I may look upon them as opportunities to reach out,

Oh that my territories may be enlarged,

Oh that I may spread the light that one might never have known.

I say a little prayer,

That I may have eternal youth and light within that never dies out,

That if I am blessed with grace and beauty,

Oh that it may shine like the silver in the furnace of fire,

Oh that I may be refined and polished till the image of He is reflected.

With this, I surrender to the fate that withholds,

To the Hands that Moulds,

When I say a little prayer.

In the Desert

The feet is caught beneath the sands of an unknown land,
Trudging along with blisters and blood infesting the toes,
The heat is unbearably scorching and purging the skin
Burning it to the highest degrees possible on a human
Miles and miles of golden sand stretches out ahead
Not a single soul can be seen or heard
No chatter of birds nor anything breathing
The dark nights of the soul has begun before it even realises
No human seem to have taken this forsaken journey
One longs at least for a visible companion
but many had given up even before the first mile
Loneliness and hunger is taking over the sanity of the mind
The thoughts of dying or giving up becomes more real

Yet it does not happen

Still death does not come
The journey seems like a lost cause
The dryness might end soon or it might worsen
It is at the point of no return

Eyes cannot see and ears cannot hear
Yet mysteriously the searching soul keeps walking
Just a drop of grace to keep it moving
Hoping to reach the gates at the end of the desert
Beyond that, the promised paradise that awaits
where there is living water that never runs dry

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why oh Why?

Many hearts are led astray,

Burning with passion for the wrong desires,

Why are you yearning for things that sway?

Why are you longing for temporary pleasures?

Many hearts are trapped in darkness,

Disillusioned with fake gold and glitter,

Why are you blinded by all things glamorous?

Why are you seduced by eyes that flutter?

Many hearts are covered with cobweb and dust,

Spinning around, choked and lost in a maze,

Why are you chasing dreams that don’t last?

Why are you circling yourself in a daze?

Many hearts are hidden by a thick fog,

Forgotten and locked away from livelihood,

Why do you let yourself tied down to a bog?

Why do you chain yourself to hell’s neighbourhood?

Why, my dear…

Oh Why???

Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth,

Where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal;

But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal…..

Press On

Pressing on

That’s what I must do...

That’s what I am born to do...

I must not sell my birthright

Where do you turn when all is lost?

Where do you go when all seem vague?

Where do you seek when all seems unreachable?

Press on…

Press on...

Painting Insanity Away

Insanity and nostalgia comes most unexpected

Meeting the minds and soul where it all begun

Bringing numbness till somehow it exploded

Crunching and punching the heart till it’s done

Splatters of ink to express the boiling

Strokes of paint to repress the struggling

Crushes of dots to suppress the drowning

Masses of mix to harness the weeping





Textures of richness glowing magnificently

Vibrant hues warming predominantly

Lustre of glazing shines dazzlingly

Beyond imagining of one’s fragility

A Miracle

Forgiving you is not hard to do

Forgetting you is something I can’t do

Knowing you is totally justifiable

Realizing you is incomprehensible

Judging you is not my right

Cursing you is not my fight

Reaching you is utterly impossible

Talking to you will be a miracle

Bind It Away

Sitting here alone without you

Thinking of the times I’ve been with you

Keying in the illusions you’ve created for me

Writing down memories as if it’s still with me

Passing by vivid images in my head,

Dreaming of the beautiful moments in my mind,

Sleeping away seductive motions on my hand,

Going through lyrical gestures with a wand

Reliving the romantic candle light

Twisting by the shining beaming night

Dancing under the clear jazzy moon light

Burning with passion on a starry night

Forgetting what had been done between us

Forging ahead to clear what lies behind

Turning the clock to block what stopped us

Keeping a smile to keep it all in bind

Binding it away is the best that I can do

Deleting the files is the number one to-do

Clearing away the past seems so hard to do

Pushing away will be even worse to do

Screaming it is all over is all I can say

Hiding it all away is the way to stay

Searching for new stars to path my way

Hoping for new love again someday

Will you?

All the ‘wills’ going through my head

All the what ifs and what nots

What would life be like if you weren’t you?

What would life be like if you were someone else?

Will I ever know you?

Will I ever see you?

Will I ever talk to you?

Will I ever even catch a glimpse of you?

What would life be like if you were like everyone else?

What would life be like if you were part of my life?

Would I be as torn?

Would I be as lost?

Would I be as tortured?

Would I be as confused?

Would I be as messed up?

What would life be like if you were around?

What would life be like if you saw me through?

Will you sit and hold my hand?

Will you hug me when I’m down?

Will you sit and hold my hand?

Will you say nice things when I’m sad?

Will you put me to bed if I have nightmares?

Will our paths ever cross each other?

Will we ever even meet?

Will you ever think of me?

Will you ever care about me?

Will you ever lie awake and imagine me?

Will you ever dream of seeing me?

Will you think of me on your dying bed?

Will you pray for me right where you are?

Will you think of me as much as I think of you?

Will you?

Will you?

Will you?



I think and I dream,

I smile and I dream again…

Could this be?

Could it happen?

I sit back and I breathe…


Perhaps not?

I lie down and I chill…

Thinking …


Why does it seem so hard to grasp?

Why does it seem so hard to comprehend?

Matters alike

Thoughts differs


Why does it seem so far beyond the skies?

Why does it seem so great above the heavens?

I close my eyes and I think,

I shut my brains and I dream…

No more

No more thinking…

It Never Fits in

Torn apart...


It never fits in

It is always a round ball trying to fit in a square hole

It can blend

It can distort

But it never fits

Some are too tall

Some are too small

Some are too great

Some are too beautiful

Some are too intelligent

Some are too famous

Some are too decent

There's always too 'something' for it

It never fits in ever...

Anywhere and everywhere...

Perhaps its world is somewhere else

A cavern carved out in the nearness of HEAVEN...

Are You There?

Are you listening?

The rain is pouring

The wind is blowing

Are you there?

Can you hear me whispering?

Can you hear me singing?

Are you crying?

The wolf is howling

The owl is watching

Are you there?

Can you hear my heart beating?

Can you hear my fingers trembling?

Are you expecting?

The moon is glistening

The star is twinkling

Are you there?

Can you see me dancing?

Can you see me twirling?

Are you there?

Are you there?

Are you there?

Along Life's Journey

Along life’s road…

A neverending journey…

A twist and turn

A fate that lies ahead…

Will we ever know what lies ahead?

Will we ever fathom the mysteries that beholds life’s wonderful moments?

Will we ever comprehend the plans of the Almighty one?

Sunshine and Rain

Roses and Thorns

Tears and Laughter

Mountains to climb

Valleys to cross

The gentle journey …

The harsh winds that blow…

Will we ever come to our destination?

Will we ever feel satisfied and filled?

Will we continue and keep the faith going?

The people that come and go

The souls that we touch

The hearts that we break

Will the cycle ever ends?

Will we ever grasp the meaning of life?

Joys and Sorrows

Happiness and Disappointments

Faithfulness and Betrayals

Truth and Lies

Will we ever have what we long for?

Will we go on craving for more?

Will we ever be contented?

Women who are gold diggers

Men who are heartbreakers

Wives who manipulate

Husbands who cheat

Will the world ever stop hurting each other?

Will the world ever start trusting and loving more?

Fears so Much

Grudges so Huge

Hurts so Deep

Will healing ever comes?

Will Love ever enter?

Riches and Fame

Wealth and Money

Hectic and Busy

Traffic and Dizzy

Will the lust of the world blinds us forever?

Will the chaos of the world chokes us forever?

Will we ever distinguish between what we desire and what we need?

Will we ever put integrity before lust and greed?

Will we ever look beyond, reach out and help?

Will we only look within ourselves and be overwhelmed with our selfish needs?

Will we ever be ashamed to be free and be ourselves?

Will we only conform to the images of the world?

Will we ever build treasures that matters?

Will we only collect temporary riches?

Will we only want to be envied because of our successes?

Will we want even more to be loved because of our kindness?

Mistakes to Make

Lessons to Learn

Hatred to Dissolve

Love to Absorb

Our Life’s Journey……….

To Live is to Die,

To Laugh is to Cry……

We will only live fully if we ever love till it hurts…

We will only smile on our death beds if we have put what matters most first…

We will be best remembered not for our successes but for the hearts that we have touched…

Lady Sing in Blues

Dam…dam...dee...dee...dum dum…

The music plays

The lady sings in blues…

The moonlight is shining…

The music plays….

The mood sets in…

In an old fashioned way

There’s always a song in her heart…

She sings and sings

With every beat of her heart, she rhymes…

She wishes for an ear to listen…

She wishes the song to fly her to the moon...

And back again when the fire is there to keep her warm

On a cold winter night…

She sings again and again

She sings of love, she sings of pain…

The music goes on…

And she dance alone…

In the starry night where twilight meets

Dam dee dam dee dum…

Twirling round and round…

Reminiscing old moments…

Frank Sinatra playing at the back…

Come and dance with me…

The song plays back

It seems to sing the song that never speaks…


She seems to find the happiness she sees or so it seems

Dancing together cheek to cheek

Miming to Diana Krall

The night seems long and starless…

Nostalgia strikes…

Sweet whispers…

Gentle touches...

Soft caresses…

Husky voice…

Musky smell…

She remembers too…

It was out of the blue…

Never meant to be…

Or didn’t turn out to be…

Sweet dreams were gone…

Nightmare creeps in…

The music panes louder…

The drum beats louder…


Dance away with the night…

Dance away with the memories…

Paa rap paa..rap…

The soul sings…

Louder and louder…

The night will soon end…

Déjà vu is only but once…

The music fades…

The song is only sung once…

The heart sings for no one...

Dam dee dee damm...

Madeimoselle only sing once…

Senorita will only cry once…

The song stops.

She Paints

In the Stillness of the Night she paints

She paints, she dreams and she paints

Out from the innermost of her soul

She cries out on canvas

Blue, Black, Red, White

Colors galore... she splashes on the canvas

The dreams enticed…released through the strokes

The expression priceless

The penalty paid

The price cannot be earned

Dream and paint

Dream and paint again

Does it make sense?


Perhaps not...

Life is but a canvas of colors

Created with an array of strokes and dots


In the holiness and the quietness

She paints and creates

She dreams and lives

With all her Strength

She paints like she knows no other

Friday, August 20, 2010


I wanted to know

But now I don’t want to know

It is hard enough living by guessing

Knowing the truth just kills my living

How could it happen?

How is it possible?

What indescribable feelings it inflicts

What sleepless nights it causes

What endless tears it provokes

What crazy dreams it creates

It is too late

I can’t turn back the time

I can only look forward

I can only suppress the “whys”

I can only try to build a better life than it was

I can only run better so I can outrun it

There is only so much a person can see

There is only so much a person can feel

There is only so much a person can cry

There is only so much a person can bear

Sometimes it comes back to haunt me…

Should I know more?

Should I grasp more?

Should I dig more?

Perhaps not…

I don’t want to know anymore

Don’t tell me anymore



Its words can always be counted on,

It was always there,

It was quiet, shy, humble and most of all a mystique…

Always standing there, a shoulder to lean on…

A click within seconds, a face that is all too familiar…

An angel in the midst of the darkness

A caring persona, a kind word in the chaos of shudder

A comfort to the soul…

It was the one

It was the part of the soul that completes…

It was the yearning of the heart…

It was a pillar to hold on to

Yet it was also fragile, too gentle for good,

Did everything to strengthen it,

Sacrifice everything to nourish it,

Tried everything to hold it,

Letting go of everything inside to capture its attention

Tender care and watering so it will bloom…

Quenching all to satisfy it


And Yet……..

All fails….

All hope came crushing down

It broke into pieces

It shuddered helplessly

It could not be bothered anymore

It did not care no more

It did not even send a kind word

It was an effort put to waste

It was a sacrifice gone to hell

Goodbye is the word



Hard to forget but it is time to move on

Goodbye the apple of my eye

Goodbye the thorn in my heart

Goodbye baby of my cradle


Forever and ever….



Sometimes it still hurts

Sometimes it still burns

Sometimes the wound runs deep

Sometimes the Scars won’t heal

Sometimes you run around

Sometimes you run away

Sometimes you cry

Sometimes you try

Sometimes the days are long

Sometimes the nights don’t stop

Sometimes the pain goes on

Sometimes the cross carries on

Sometimes there is piercing

Sometimes there is throbbing

Sometimes there is judging

Sometimes there is killing

Sometimes the hunger persists

Sometimes the thirsts continues

Sometimes the moans prevails

Sometimes the cries overwhelms

Sometimes angels appear

Sometimes saints answer

Sometimes the lamb draws you

Sometimes the Prince takes you

Sometimes deep secrets buries

Sometimes dark scandals covers

Sometimes blood runs deep

Sometimes wrath passes down

Sometimes the ray flickers

Sometimes the light shimmers

Sometimes the heat touches

Sometimes the warmth surrounds

Sometimes rain heals

Sometimes thunder squeals

Sometimes lightning strikes

Sometimes storm kills

Sometimes the passion repeats

Sometimes the crown reigns

Sometimes the gate opens

Sometimes the glory transcends


Just sometimes,

More sometimes,

Most sometimes…..

Posting my Poems

I still have few more hours to go before i can leave. I'm basically stuck here.Thank God for internet. Well, as boring as most people would say, invigilation is not that bad. The most interesting part of it is observing those candidates especially ones who are far older than you. It's quite an easy way to make money too. I think i should start applying soon for more invigilation jobs considering i am still so free without any permanent job on my hands.

I better start posting my poems up so i can have a proper place for viewers to read. I have it all over the place. Multiply, facebook, webook are some of the sites that i post but none has a collection of all of them. I decided to just create a category entitled my poems so for readers who are intrigued by poems or who merely want to try reading poetry for fun, go to the category labelled 'My Poems' and you will see some of my peoms there. I will upload from day to day basis depending on my mood and free time. Yea, artist needs to work according to their moods' pace.Sorry about that.

She Weeps

The first love was crushed

The precious one was destroyed






She’s bought by a price

A price so huge that’s beyond eternity

A passion so strong that’s beyond all comprehension

Now she looks back…

How could she?

The arrow that pierced the side

The nails that crucified the One

It was beyond hurt

It was beyond pain

She could not face Him

She could not believe she did this to Him

Not once or twice but always

She claimed to be helpless

She claimed to be useless

She did not want to but she did

How could she forget the first love that was oh so ever true?

How could she live each day as if she never knew Him?

How could she live in the world that was not meant for her?

How could she pretend nothing has happened?

How could she forget His mercy and love?

How could she forget who she belongs to?

Ever so forgiving

Ever so loving

She looks back

She weeps

And weeps

She looks at the world

She weeps

And weeps

Hypocrisy of those who knows Him

Vulgarity of those who glorifies Him

She weeps

And weeps

Till Her guitar Weeps Alone..

“There is no sin too big that God can’t forgive and there is no sin too small that do not cause hurt or division” – Fr. Simon Labrooy

Dear Friend

Wrote it a while back for a friend...
Whoever you are, if you happen to read this, know that you are not alone and whatever it is you're facing that hurts so much, know that God loves you and will grant you the strength to face everything if you allow Him.

Dear Friend,

I care and I know,

I hope and I wish,

I believe and I understand….

The immense pain,

The immeasurable piercing,

The deadly silence,

The unbearable cross,

The constant struggle…

The laughter is gone,

The crying in the night,

The awakening of the body,

The brokenness of the soul…

It burns me…


You don’t laugh the way you used to,

You don’t smile the way you used to,

You don’t feel happy and light anymore,

The weight is just too much….

Dear Friend,

I hope one day you will come to realize,

That you are precious, so precious,

You are the apple of His eye………

I know you feel alone and in despair,

A million miles from home,

It seems that no once cares,

No one bothers,

You feel like a tiny speck in the wide universe,

That life is so unfair….

You gotta hold on,

Hold on to the promise like it’s your last breath,

Let it fill your heart when there is nothing left

Don’t give up,

Don’t give in…….

When the cross is too heavy,

When it is dark and you're afraid,

Let the spirit guide your way,

Let your potter mend the brokenness,

Let the fire renew you,

Let the Father remould you.

There is so much left to do,

A great big world ahead of you,

So many people in your life,

Waiting to see your smile,

Waiting for you to inhale joy again,

Waiting for you to embrace the peace of mind….

I know you feel hopeless,

I know you don’t feel pretty even though you are,

But it wasn’t your beauty that found room in my heart….

Dear friend,

I’m here for you,

I know you don’t feel like talking,

But we can share this day anew,

His love is all around you,

A fortress that surrounds you,

His word will shield you,

Let it comfort and protect you from the storm…

Let Him hold you in His love…

It’s time to start a new day,

He will help you find a way to a better place,

He will build a new you from all your brokenness….

Dear friend,

You are so precious,

So so precious….

To me….

To Him…

She has Reaped what She has Sown

Initially, I wrote this with a negative ending and then i thought better of it...a lady who sacrificed so much always deserves a reward and indeed it is true..:)

She could have her dream job in UK,

She could have a wealthier life,

She could have a sophisticated lifestyle,

She could have a dream lover…

She gave up everything glitzy and glam,

She gave up everything spicy and nice,

She gave up a career and a dream,

She gave up a world of beauty and fame…

She worked tirelessly day and night,

She scrubbed and cooked and cleaned,

She cried, and cried and cried,

She could afford nothing but only prayed…

She wore plain and overused clothes,

She gave up make up and perfumes,

She stayed at home and be content,

She faced a world of hatred and shame…

She toiled endlessly,

She tried helplessly,

She cried desperately,

She loved unselfishly…

She had grown past the beauty of youth,

She had forgotten how to be loved,

She had forgotten how to dream,

She had given up all she had…

She gave it All up…

But now...

She has love and joy like she never had,

She has treasures beyond what she dreamed,

She has life redeemed more than she hoped,

She has reaped what she has sown...

The Dark Cloud Melts Away

This is written as an expression of being freed from the chains of death..a new life.

A Dark Cloud hung over me,

Like a shadow transcending from below,

Like a mist creeping up from the earth…

Fogging my vision,

Blocking my bloodstream,

Raging my senses,

Gripping my nerves,

Pressing my chest…

Choking me,

Suffocating me,

Traumatizing me…

My veins were bursting,

My head was throbbing,

My muscles were aching,

My limbs were numbing…

I felt coldness sending shivers to my skin,

I smelled suicide breathing on my face,

I heard death knocking on my door,

I saw hell burning in my soul…




Choking tears in silence,

Crying pleas of help,

Fighting to stay alive,

Forging to overcome death…


And in the darkest hours of giving up…


I feel light shining on me,

I smell fresh dew sprinkling on me,

I hear voices of angels floating around me,

I see the Cross coming to me…

The Passion never stops repeating

The Cross forever reaching

The Blood never cease redeeming

The Lamb forever reigning…

Rolling away the clouds of depression,

Pushing away the thunders of desperation,

Casting away the spirits of suffocation,

Throwing away the lies of fabrication…


The Dark Cloud melts away…


My heart smiles again…

I can feel happiness beaming at me,

I can hear the world laughing with me,

I can feel the radiance surrounding me,

I can see My Saviour smiling at me…


Bubble of Joy

This could be said my very first proper attempt at poetry..i started off expressing myself ater going through a tough time, one of my darkest moments in life. Somehow it ended up looking like a poem..

Bubbly, happy, jovial, carefree...

Those were the words one would describe the feelings that it once radiates...

Bringing smiles and laughter into people's lives...

Transforming complexities into the purest simplicities...

Melting stubborn hearts with a touch of love...

Healing wounds of sorrows and burning away the torches of flaming grudges...


Where has it all gone to?

Where is the bubble of joy that everyone longs to come near?

Where is the joyful radiance it spreads?


Smiles turn to sorrows...

Laughter turns to tears...

Peace turns to anxieties...

Love turns to hatred...

Trust turns to fear...


It is fading...

It is breaking...

Slowly, holes emerging and expanding...

Lines of sorrow creeping up, blurring the clear surface ...

Blocking the radiance...

Clumps of thorns appearing,choking and crowding

It is all hazy...

Shine starts to dim...

Darkness sets in...


It floats...

It struggles...

Day and night...

It holds on to what is left...

It bounces back and it comes forth again...


The Perfect bubble...

Now it is broken...




Will the broken pieces be mended?

Will the joy it once carried comes back?

Wil the innocence of life crawls back?


There it stands...


Will it wait in the wings forever?

Will it struggle to move forward with its broken pieces?


Will it accept its brokenness and die to it?


It shall die..

It shall undergo the pain...

It shall forget the past...


It shall die and wait...

And wait...

Like a butterfly out from its cocoon...


It stretches up again...

Now it has risen again...

It has died and been born again...

It is whole new..



Once broken, it is BRAND NEW...

Better than it has ever been...

The Perfect BUBBLE OF JOY...

To be born again, it has to be broken, shattered and die...

To be born again, it has to leave all its dreams and desires...

To be born again is better than fixing the pieces left over...

"Those who seeks his life loses it but those who loses his life wil find it"