Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bind It Away

Sitting here alone without you

Thinking of the times I’ve been with you

Keying in the illusions you’ve created for me

Writing down memories as if it’s still with me

Passing by vivid images in my head,

Dreaming of the beautiful moments in my mind,

Sleeping away seductive motions on my hand,

Going through lyrical gestures with a wand

Reliving the romantic candle light

Twisting by the shining beaming night

Dancing under the clear jazzy moon light

Burning with passion on a starry night

Forgetting what had been done between us

Forging ahead to clear what lies behind

Turning the clock to block what stopped us

Keeping a smile to keep it all in bind

Binding it away is the best that I can do

Deleting the files is the number one to-do

Clearing away the past seems so hard to do

Pushing away will be even worse to do

Screaming it is all over is all I can say

Hiding it all away is the way to stay

Searching for new stars to path my way

Hoping for new love again someday

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