Friday, August 20, 2010


Its words can always be counted on,

It was always there,

It was quiet, shy, humble and most of all a mystique…

Always standing there, a shoulder to lean on…

A click within seconds, a face that is all too familiar…

An angel in the midst of the darkness

A caring persona, a kind word in the chaos of shudder

A comfort to the soul…

It was the one

It was the part of the soul that completes…

It was the yearning of the heart…

It was a pillar to hold on to

Yet it was also fragile, too gentle for good,

Did everything to strengthen it,

Sacrifice everything to nourish it,

Tried everything to hold it,

Letting go of everything inside to capture its attention

Tender care and watering so it will bloom…

Quenching all to satisfy it


And Yet……..

All fails….

All hope came crushing down

It broke into pieces

It shuddered helplessly

It could not be bothered anymore

It did not care no more

It did not even send a kind word

It was an effort put to waste

It was a sacrifice gone to hell

Goodbye is the word



Hard to forget but it is time to move on

Goodbye the apple of my eye

Goodbye the thorn in my heart

Goodbye baby of my cradle


Forever and ever….


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