Friday, August 20, 2010

She Weeps

The first love was crushed

The precious one was destroyed






She’s bought by a price

A price so huge that’s beyond eternity

A passion so strong that’s beyond all comprehension

Now she looks back…

How could she?

The arrow that pierced the side

The nails that crucified the One

It was beyond hurt

It was beyond pain

She could not face Him

She could not believe she did this to Him

Not once or twice but always

She claimed to be helpless

She claimed to be useless

She did not want to but she did

How could she forget the first love that was oh so ever true?

How could she live each day as if she never knew Him?

How could she live in the world that was not meant for her?

How could she pretend nothing has happened?

How could she forget His mercy and love?

How could she forget who she belongs to?

Ever so forgiving

Ever so loving

She looks back

She weeps

And weeps

She looks at the world

She weeps

And weeps

Hypocrisy of those who knows Him

Vulgarity of those who glorifies Him

She weeps

And weeps

Till Her guitar Weeps Alone..

“There is no sin too big that God can’t forgive and there is no sin too small that do not cause hurt or division” – Fr. Simon Labrooy

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