Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Say a Little Prayer

I say a little prayer ,

That I may have a house of spotless beauty but from within,

That if I have time for cleaning and polishing,

Oh that it may be of godliness instead of sheer cleanliness,

Oh that I may have the chance to leave fingerprints in the little ones,

Oh that I may wipe the tears away before I wipe up the spilled milk,

Oh that I may pick up the child before I pick up the toys.

I say a little prayer,

That I may have a life of adventure and fun,

That if I have interruptions and distractions,

Oh that I may look upon them as opportunities to reach out,

Oh that my territories may be enlarged,

Oh that I may spread the light that one might never have known.

I say a little prayer,

That I may have eternal youth and light within that never dies out,

That if I am blessed with grace and beauty,

Oh that it may shine like the silver in the furnace of fire,

Oh that I may be refined and polished till the image of He is reflected.

With this, I surrender to the fate that withholds,

To the Hands that Moulds,

When I say a little prayer.

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