Friday, August 20, 2010

She has Reaped what She has Sown

Initially, I wrote this with a negative ending and then i thought better of it...a lady who sacrificed so much always deserves a reward and indeed it is true..:)

She could have her dream job in UK,

She could have a wealthier life,

She could have a sophisticated lifestyle,

She could have a dream lover…

She gave up everything glitzy and glam,

She gave up everything spicy and nice,

She gave up a career and a dream,

She gave up a world of beauty and fame…

She worked tirelessly day and night,

She scrubbed and cooked and cleaned,

She cried, and cried and cried,

She could afford nothing but only prayed…

She wore plain and overused clothes,

She gave up make up and perfumes,

She stayed at home and be content,

She faced a world of hatred and shame…

She toiled endlessly,

She tried helplessly,

She cried desperately,

She loved unselfishly…

She had grown past the beauty of youth,

She had forgotten how to be loved,

She had forgotten how to dream,

She had given up all she had…

She gave it All up…

But now...

She has love and joy like she never had,

She has treasures beyond what she dreamed,

She has life redeemed more than she hoped,

She has reaped what she has sown...

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