Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ask Yourselves

There’s a voice crying out in me
Screaming to send the message across
Why do you judge someone from its colour?
Why do you judge a book from its cover?

There are too many prejudices in the world
Every race has for another
Aren’t all men made equal?
Aren’t God’s love made for all?

Why do you look at a Black man as if he’s a troublemaker?
Why do you look at a Jew as if he’s an outcast?
Why do you look at an Arab as if he’s a strangler?
Why do you look at a White man as if he’s an oppressor?
Why do you look at a Chinese as if he’s a cheater?
Why do you look at a Native as if he’s a hooligan?

Why oh why?

Is it fair to judge someone unless you know them?
Is it fair to criticize based on how they look?
Is it fair to accuse a race because of one rotten apple?
Is it fair to pass crude jokes based on colour?

Ask yourselves
Is it Fair?

Ask yourselves
Shouldn’t we build a better tomorrow for our children by loving all just the same?

Ask yourselves
Shouldn’t we create unity and not build divisions?

Ask yourselves
Shouldn’t we embrace one another as equally God’s children?

Ask yourselves
Shouldn’t we welcome peace and not oppress another?

Ask yourselves
Shouldn’t you look beyond the skin and see a man’s worth from within?

Ask yourselves
Can you actually be that shallow?

Ask yourselves…

Ask yourselves…

Ask yourselves…

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