Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thanks Whitney Houston for being an Inspiration!

I am almost a year late to watch Whitney Houston's interview with Oprah but nevertheless, not too late to be touched by her transformation. It was amazing to see the breakthrough after 7 years of silence. What struck me most was she chose to come back into the music industry, the very field where she got messed up and allowed God to use her talent to touch others.

I pray for many more like her. Many more who will be brave enough to stand up for their faith and proclaim to the world that there is a God who cares and loves us and who is waiting for us to have joy in our hearts. Her wonderful testimonial is indeed a light in this world especially in the world of music where many has sunk into the chains of worldliness and has forgotten how to love and be loved. 

My favourite part is when she says "One day at a time". That's how we should take each day as it is. One day at a time.

Here's a glimpse of the interview.

This is one of her new songs that is truly inspiring...listen to the lyrics sung..

Thank you Whitney for allowing God to use you as a vessel of light to us.

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