Saturday, August 21, 2010

Along Life's Journey

Along life’s road…

A neverending journey…

A twist and turn

A fate that lies ahead…

Will we ever know what lies ahead?

Will we ever fathom the mysteries that beholds life’s wonderful moments?

Will we ever comprehend the plans of the Almighty one?

Sunshine and Rain

Roses and Thorns

Tears and Laughter

Mountains to climb

Valleys to cross

The gentle journey …

The harsh winds that blow…

Will we ever come to our destination?

Will we ever feel satisfied and filled?

Will we continue and keep the faith going?

The people that come and go

The souls that we touch

The hearts that we break

Will the cycle ever ends?

Will we ever grasp the meaning of life?

Joys and Sorrows

Happiness and Disappointments

Faithfulness and Betrayals

Truth and Lies

Will we ever have what we long for?

Will we go on craving for more?

Will we ever be contented?

Women who are gold diggers

Men who are heartbreakers

Wives who manipulate

Husbands who cheat

Will the world ever stop hurting each other?

Will the world ever start trusting and loving more?

Fears so Much

Grudges so Huge

Hurts so Deep

Will healing ever comes?

Will Love ever enter?

Riches and Fame

Wealth and Money

Hectic and Busy

Traffic and Dizzy

Will the lust of the world blinds us forever?

Will the chaos of the world chokes us forever?

Will we ever distinguish between what we desire and what we need?

Will we ever put integrity before lust and greed?

Will we ever look beyond, reach out and help?

Will we only look within ourselves and be overwhelmed with our selfish needs?

Will we ever be ashamed to be free and be ourselves?

Will we only conform to the images of the world?

Will we ever build treasures that matters?

Will we only collect temporary riches?

Will we only want to be envied because of our successes?

Will we want even more to be loved because of our kindness?

Mistakes to Make

Lessons to Learn

Hatred to Dissolve

Love to Absorb

Our Life’s Journey……….

To Live is to Die,

To Laugh is to Cry……

We will only live fully if we ever love till it hurts…

We will only smile on our death beds if we have put what matters most first…

We will be best remembered not for our successes but for the hearts that we have touched…

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