Sunday, August 22, 2010

In the Desert

The feet is caught beneath the sands of an unknown land,
Trudging along with blisters and blood infesting the toes,
The heat is unbearably scorching and purging the skin
Burning it to the highest degrees possible on a human
Miles and miles of golden sand stretches out ahead
Not a single soul can be seen or heard
No chatter of birds nor anything breathing
The dark nights of the soul has begun before it even realises
No human seem to have taken this forsaken journey
One longs at least for a visible companion
but many had given up even before the first mile
Loneliness and hunger is taking over the sanity of the mind
The thoughts of dying or giving up becomes more real

Yet it does not happen

Still death does not come
The journey seems like a lost cause
The dryness might end soon or it might worsen
It is at the point of no return

Eyes cannot see and ears cannot hear
Yet mysteriously the searching soul keeps walking
Just a drop of grace to keep it moving
Hoping to reach the gates at the end of the desert
Beyond that, the promised paradise that awaits
where there is living water that never runs dry

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