Sunday, August 22, 2010

It is Only Temporary

It is only temporary
Long winded but for a short while
Never too far yet never too near
Inexhaustible measures
Incompatible philosophies

Is it worth it all?
Is it worth the pain and the pleasure?

It offers the life or so it seems but never eternal
A temporary entry into the kingdom of glory

Does it prevail?
Does it last?

A stronghold so afflicted
A captive so bonded
A maiden so wounded
A moment of pleasure

The peak of desire causes disaster
Far, far ahead beyond measures
Yet never too far to withhold
It is only temporary

With a blink of an eye
A chapter of life is swept away

Why pursue? Why not surrender?
Why hold on? Why not give up?
Why grasp so tightly? Why not let go?

It is only temporary
Like the clay that has not been moulded
Like the diamonds that has not been refined
Like the silver that has not been polished

It will soon be done
A long process yet never too short
No looking back, no cutting short

A vision too blurry
A journey too windy
A road too bumpy

Walk by faith, not by sight
Walk the talk, reap the work


It is only temporary
The tide waits for no one,
The night comes and steals,
Heaven and hell awaits…

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