Sunday, May 29, 2011

Return to Me

Listening to Brian Doerksen's album, Holy God in the quietness of my study room,
I felt moved by a few sentences that he proclaimed through his album..
I shall post it here..

"From the ancient days until today,
I have inspired prophets and poets...
And at the heart of every message..
Are these 3 words...
Return to me
I am your Creator,
Return to me
Am your Redeemer..
Your Father: Return to Me
I am Your Husband,
Return to Me"

How beautiful and simple
It dawned on me how true it is
All my poems are inspired by God directly and indirectly
Even if I talk about people or the sky or the world
All these are His creations

My Father is my muse
NO rather He is the poet,
I am His pen

I can only heed His words
Return to Me

Will you join me and make that journey
To return to Him

Saturday, May 28, 2011

singleness and casual relationships

Are you weary of casual relationships that do not satisfy?
Are you tired of meeting one guy or one girl after another only to get disappointed?
Are you endlessly searching for love everywhere but fail?
Or are you trying to refrain yourself from meeting and getting involved with the wrong people but are too weak to walk away each time?

You feel lonely and perhaps the clock is ticking
You feel you're the only one without the perfect partner
You are wondering when will a prince charming come and sweep you off your feet
Or when will a damsel in distress be around for you to save the day?

You go from one date to another and ended up hurting more than ever
You wonder if this cycle will never end and your perfect mate will never come along

Have you ever stop and reflect?

God, our good God has set aside a wonderful partner for us if marriage is what He intends for us to have
He knows and loves you more than anything in this world
Don't you think He would not know what kind of a partner you will need?
He is a father who loves us best.
He only wants the best for us..but perhaps we keep going after all the people we think we are destined for while they are not meant for us and we ended up more broken than before

Even before u were born, God already has a purpose laid out for you
Don't you think He would not have planned and created a partner specially for you as well?

Don't go looking everywhere anymore
Guard your heart

Imagine if you're on a treasure hunt and your goal is the diamond.
However, you get distracted by all the silver and other less precious stones along the way.
They seem good enough but they're not the diamond you're looking for.
Some of you get contented and stopped the journey but something tells you this is not good enough.
Some of you stopped at every silver only to get confused and more confused on which ones.
Some of you ignored all these and found the diamond.

Well, think of the 'wrong' men or women as silver and the partner you're meant to have is the diamond.

How do you that?
How would you know?

Pray pray pray
And stay away from men or women who do not share your values. Stay away does not mean not befriending them but do not get involved romantically with them.

Pray that God will flee you of all these 'dates' that will harm you or leave you broken hearted or worse, stray you away from God.
I know many of us are weak and before we know it, we are in another relationship that will never last.

I find this verse from Psalm 16 a very good prayer. Psalm 16:1-2
Preserve me God, I take refuge in you.
I say to the Lord: 'You are my God.
My happiness lies in you alone."

Yes, I believe if we truly delight in the Lord first, He will grant us the desires of our heart.

Perhaps God wants you to fully delight in Him and be contented with this singleness of yours.
Perhaps this is a season of your life that He wants you to focus only on Him.

Whatever the reasons are, you are not alone and God loves you.
He wants the best for you.

So seek Him. Put Him first and who knows? Your prince charming or princess mademoiselle will just pop up in front of you in the most unexpected places.

God bless you

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Are you hiding behind a mask?

Are you hiding behind a mask?

You probably said NO but are you truly being honest with yourself?

Many of us, even those claim to be good Christians tend to put on a mask everywhere we go.
We might hide behind a mask of an angel or create a mask of a success
We might like to crouch behind the mask of darkness..

Whatever masks we have put on to show the image we want people to see,
God knows the real us.

He knows the deepest recesses of our heart. He knows our intentions and motives.
He knows we are very vulnerable and broken and that is why we wear such superficial masks to appear strong.
He knows that we are even wearing mask to hide from Him.
We create a set of standards that we think God will like and we put on that mask whenever we pray.

You know what?
God loves you just the same.
He loves you even when you sin.
Nothing will ever change His love for you.

Why are you and me hiding behind these masks that we have sought for ourselves?
Are we not tired?

No need to hide.
Fear no more of our weaknesses.

There is an excerpt here from a pilgrim to Medjugorje.
She described her experience and here she talks about God calling out to us despite our reluctance to come out from those masks.

"In Medjugorje, we find ourselves responding to God’s call big-time! We learn there is no longer a need to hide and be fearful because when God’s call comes, it is a loving call, not a call of condemnation or threat. It is the call of the Father. The Loving Father reveals himself to us. He does not allow the world to place him behind a mask, to disguise or hide him, to distort him in a way that the serpent desires to present. Our Father is a God of revelation. He is with us. He refuses to hide from his children. Seek and you shall find."

You can read more from

Hide no longer my friends.

God loves you just the way you are.

God bless you!

Baby Doe

I am 29 years late in learning of this news.
I am shocked and sad.

In 1982, a baby was legally allowed by the courts to be starved to death by his parents because he was born with Down Syndrome. This happened in Indiana.

How crazy is that? What happened to civilization of minds? Aren't people supposed to be more sound in mind in these times of modern age???

He's not the only baby. What about the billions of babies that have been aborted?
I am sad but I cannot imagine how God must be feeling to see His creation utterly, brutally murdered in their helplessness and innocence. As our Father, He must be heartbroken.

This baby, abnormal as he may appear to the world but his soul is whole because he is created by our loving Father.

Baby Doe, a song dedicated to him and probably millions of babies who are left to die left a mark in my mind and heart.
You can read the rest of the lyrics in Jeremy Myer's blog.

Check out

Please I beg you, if you are thinking of abandoning your baby or having an abortion, yes you who is reading right now..
Please I beg you, don't. This baby of yours is God's gift to the world. He or she is innocent no matter how he or she is conceived. Give this baby of yours a chance. Who knows she or he might be the next Mother Teresa or Abraham Lincoln? Don't kill him or her.

In memory of Baby Doe, I pray for all babies who are abandoned and all who are starving and those born with Down Syndrome and especially those who are on the verge of being aborted.
Dear Lord, please send your angels to comfort them and keep them close to you for they are yours. Protect them and shield them from the evil ones. Send them light and guidance till the day they will meet you in their eternal home.

If you're reading this,
God bless you!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wait on Me

It is dark
No one is around
Not a single soul or spirit
It is so silent in here
Stillness is everywhere
The hours seem bleak
I can hear nothing
I can see nothing
I can only feel my own heartbeat
I can only smell decay and rottenness
Is death nearby?
Am I going insane?
Am I going to lose it?
Am I a fool?
It is getting so cold
Shivers blanketing me
Hunger torturing me
Thirst scourging me
I feel so weak
I can barely move
My bones are creaking
His words are holding me
It is still ringing in my ears
He said
Wait on Me
There are wolves and snakes out there
Waiting to devour you
Waiting to destroy you
I will come and deliver you out of this black hole
I will bring you into the light
It is safe here
I promise I will come for you
Wait on me
Trust me
I badly want to leave this black cave
It is becoming unbearable
I can only wait
As He promised
Wait on me

Do you feel like that? You feel so much suffering going within you and you’re wondering how long this suffering is going to last. You’re stuck in some place not by choice whether it is sickness, or a job, or a cheating partner or so forth and you feel like giving up but you know there is a voice inside there asking you not to give up and wait. You begin to wonder why on earth you have to suffer this way.
There are some words of wisdom from Charles F. Stanley from his book “In Step with God” that I would like to quote here.
Suffering teaches us gratitude.
1 Thess 5:18 “In everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”
Suffering teaches us how to persevere
Don’t pull up stakes when something goes wrong. Be determined to wait for God to make His will be known to you. If you give up, you will never know the potential within your life.
Suffering enables us to share in the sufferings of Jesus Christ. Remember Paul? He suffered a lot but he was not a spiritual failure. Imagine if you are always healthy and never face a serious challenge or failure all your life, you will never learn how to identify with Jesus Christ’s death on the cross.
Suffering broadens our ministry. Paul went to prison but as a result of his ministry in prison, the gospel spread throughout Rome.
Remember the story of Job? He never gave up on God and he was blessed more than what he lost.
Job 42:12 “The Lord blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning”.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Heavens are glowing yet your sadness is growing,
The rainbow is smiling yet your sorrows are piling,
Heartbreak and tears breathing into my face,
Wishing to stop the time to catch those tears in my embrace

If I were a nightingale, I would sing and melt those bitterness away,
If I were a sunflower, I would beam with my petals shining on your dark nights,
If I were a buoy, I would let you float on me washing your burdens away,
If I were a bee, I would stung you and remind you that I am near you,
If I were a tree, I would shelter and protect you from all those hurts,
If I were a needle, I would weave and mend your broken heart with my thread of gold

But I am only human
I can only sit by your side
Even if you do not see or hear
I can only wish and pray
Spring will come soon and the budding happiness will bloom
Casting away the sorrows of winter
Perhaps then I can see a smile
Not from your face but from within your heart

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silence with the Waves

The sound of waves seem so near yet so far,
Bringing up tears and drowning endless sorrows,
The silence on the beach was long yet to be missed,
A stillness acquired by chance to grasp the peace surpassing understanding,
Looking up to the tears of the moon and the stars,
Longing to console and caress but out of reach

Drawing on the sand hoping to reach out,
Hearts are closed tightly as the night becomes damper,
A gloomy light penetrates the surface of the sand,
A sprinkle of hope in the midst of total darkness
But soon gone as the darkness grew stronger

The waves continue to roar breaking the silence,
Yet the moon and the stars stood far away,
Shedding tears that never seem to end,
Wallowing in the sadness beyond centuries,
It hurts so bad knowing they cannot be reached,
It hurts even more knowing they are bleeding through the night,
It hurts the most to sit and gaze into the sorrows of the moonlight,
Weeping in silence with the waves,
Alone on the beach

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Michael Glatze

I came upon a very interesting article about him.
I thought I would share it here.

Who is he?
He's an ex-gay activist and this is an interview about him.
His life testimony is not only interesting but mind-opening. is his blog.

Beware of the Wide Roads

A cloud of perversion hangs itself,
Multiplying in split seconds,
Slaying innocent minds and hearts,
Preaching not truth but deceit,
Blinding and shut your eyes from light

Bubbles of darkness bobbing up and down,
In the stale air where freshness is struggling to exhale,
Why stand up and be different you say,
When everyone in the world is doing it,
It can't be wrong you say,
When it feels so right

Little did you know death traps disguised as angels of light,
Lurking just round the corner preying on you,
Malicious skies of deformed morality stood waiting with its doors wide open,
Waiting for the perfect time to seize,
Like a whore trapping your mind, body and soul

It will be too late before you are gripped by the harsh lessons,
Your precious treasure is gone and you're left with nothing but a broken shell,
It will be wise to turn away,
Not for your body's sake but for your soul of which you cannot behold,
Beware and listen my child,
For the road that leads to true happiness is narrow and few finds it

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Procrastination and Wasted times

There are days when I wake up feeling angry at myself for having wasted precious time.
I have a thousand and one things on my to-do list but I never seem to get it done.
Procrastination is a habit I really want to get rid of.
I don't know why I thrive on deadlines and acting on impulse on the things I feel like doing straight away and putting things less urgent in my drawers to collect dust.
As I look back, there are many things I could have accomplished.
Then again, I ask myself..are those things truly important to me or can I actually do without them?
Hmm...big sighs
I ask God to forgive me for the many times I wasted the gift of time He has given me when I should have put it into good use. do you feel the same? I hope you're not beating yourself up and brood over the wasted times as much as I do.
Let's not look back but make the most of today, all right??
I saw this.

"Forgive ourselves for all the things we didn't do. All the things we should have done. We can't get stuck on the regrets of what should have happened" - Morrie-

Very timely and wise..don't you think?

Happy Mother's Day

I have four mothers.
Technically one biological mother who gave birth to me..
I call her Mama Bong. Her life is a generous sacrifice for me..
I am her seed that has blossomed to who I am today thanks to her for bringing me to this world..
EE is like a mother to me too. She stayed with me since birth and her life of great love and hard labour has given me a chance to have an education and etc. She worked tirelessly and she is like a rose, carrying her fragrance everywhere she goes especially in her cooking.
My aunt Josephine whom I call Mummy since the moment I started to speak is also like a mother to me. She is truly a woman with so much love for all. She used to babysit me when I was young and I'm so glad to have her in my life. She's also a great cook. She's truly a mother of nations..
And last but not least, my heavenly Mama Mary. Through her one yes, she gave me my best friend, Jesus. His mother is also mine. A role model and a comforter, I'm glad to call her my own. She's never far away.
I can't explain how blessed I am to have four mothers to call my own.
There are many other women who are like mothers to me too, nurturing and teaching me..watching out for me all the time, aunties, teachers, nuns, popo, name them would be impossible.
I am loved by so many mothers and I pray God will bless them for their great love and generous sacrifice to bring me to where I am today.
I love you and I thank you.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Occults and Magic

I woke up feeling extremely disturbed. How is it that an author who claimed to be a Christian that has inspired millions of people is actually involved in magic? I don’t know whether it is just a metaphor that he is using in his fictional books or he is truly involved in magic or just teasing about it but I pray that God will show him the truth and the light especially since many others look to him for inspiration. I do not condemn or judge this writer but do join me in praying that God will shed light on him and may his words be from God to guide and not to mislead.
I want to share with you a personal story of a person who was involved in the occults.
Sr. Emmanuel is born catholic. However, she was not very much into her faith and was ignorant of what the bible teaches. In college, she started playing with the occult like Ouija boards, fortune telling and etc. One day, she was offered a job to India but her employer asked that she be checked by an astrologer first. She went in to the astrologer and he came with a book, telling her everything of her life from the day she was born till she was 24. She was 24 when she visited him. He went on to tell what is going to happen to her till the age 30. He went on explaining that everything that happened to her was according to the planets, the movement of the stars and planets. She was filled with fear and was devastated that her life will depend on how the planets move. She suddenly thought of her Heavenly Father and felt like an orphan, separated from God.
Soon, she was depressed, consumed with all negativity and was feeling very low. One day, she decided she could not live any longer. She felt something gripping her heart and it was dying. She decided to commit suicide. She warned God that she would take her life at 5 pm. At that time, her sister happened to visit her and saw her devastating state. Her sister told her that she met a group of great charismatic and joyful people and asked her to visit them later in a prayer meeting. She blatantly refused. However, she had so much time till 5 pm so decided to go and see them.
The moment she stepped in the room, she could feel the joy and happiness of this group of people. She was reminded of the Acts of the Apostles that she had read long ago when she was young. She recalled saying that if she will ever find people who are so filled with the Holy Spirit and live guided by the spirit like the apostles back then, she will follow them. It was too late. She has decided to take her life.
She just sat there while they praised and worshipped. All of a sudden, a lady shouted and said that in their midst, there is someone who is going to meet death that very day and went on saying what this person did (meeting astrologer, etc). She was shocked and came to see this lady right after to find out who has told this lady about her. The lady answered that she did not know it was her but the Holy Spirit has revealed that someone is going to meet death.
The lady rebuked her for going to see the astrologer as it is forbidden by God. It was Satan who told the astrologer everything and of course, as a fallen angel he would be able to tell her past life story and her life in future was all a lie, a make-belief. Satan can never know someone’s future.
“Do you believe that Jesus would take all these demons away from you?” in a desperate state, she said yes but what was the use, her heart already felt like dying. She could not bear to live any longer.
“Do you believe that Jesus will heal and restore your heart?” the lady went on and she said yes.
A group of people started to pray over her and they sang in tongues. She felt Jesus coming to her and saving her from the ditch of death and touched her deeply. After the prayers are over, she was freed. She was no longer anxious and the grip in her heart was gone. She checked the time and it was 5 pm. God has come to save her at the appointed time of her death.
Jesus saved her life so she decided to give her life back to God. None of the things that the astrologer foretold has happened to her. She is now a member of the Beatitudes community and has lived in Medjugorje since 1989. Now, besides attending to pilgrims in Medjugorje, she also travels around the world preaching and has written several books. I was privileged to attend one of the talks of which I was greatly encouraged and enlightened.
The mercy of God is so great J
Lessons learnt from here as told by Sr. Emmanuel:
Avoid all things occult: Ouija boards, astrology, divination, bomoh, magic, tarot cards, palm reading, fortune telling, horoscope, wearing charms, omulets, crystals that heal and etc.
Deuteronomy 18:9-12
When you come into the land that the LORD your God is giving you, you must not learn to imitate the abhorrent practices of those nations. No one shall be found among you who makes a son or daughter pass through fire, or who practices divination, or is a soothsayer, or an augur or a sorcerer, or one who casts spells, or who consults ghosts or spirits, or who seeks oracles from the dead. For whoever does these things is abhorrent to the Lord; it is because of such abhorrent practices that the LORD your God is driving them out before you.
Abhorrent means abomination to the Lord. It is going against the Lord. It is spiritual adultery. When you practice occult, you are entering Satan’s camp and give him an entry into your heart and into your soul.
Have a good FEAR of the LORD.
Do not consult the dead. Do not ever speak to the dead. You can pray for their souls but do not speak to them. If ever you find souls appearing to you, it is usually a disguise by the evil spirits. If you feel disturbed by these appearances, speak to your pastor or priest.
Avoid fortune telling. Satan can never know our future. God alones know our future and our future is in God’s hands. Most of the time, we want to know our future so we can be in control of our life but this is wrong. Jesus says,

“Trust in Me.”
“You don’t need to know the future.”
“The grace you have today is just enough for today and not for tomorrow. You need not worry about tomorrow for The Father will provide everything. The Holy Spirit will lead you.”

Read also Deuteronomy 4: 23 -25, 5: 7-8
Trust in Him
Habakkuk 3:19
The Lord my God is my strength
He makes me leap like the deer
He guides me to the high places

What and not Why

Many things can happen in life that we might not understand.
A death of a loved one, bankcruptcy, loss of a job and etc.
The first thing we will ask is, " Why us?"
"Why me??!!!!"
Sufferings and trials are unavoidable in our life.
However, they may be the very things that would help us to soar and fly.
Sometimes it's because God wants to teach us to trust in Him despite how bleak our circumstances may appear to be. Remember the Israelites in the desert. Perhaps it could have been shorter had they not turn away repeatedly from the Lord.
Remember Job? He remained faithful to God even when he lost it all and God repaid him with even more blessings.

Stay faithful to God. Cling unto him especially when you least feel like it.

A friend called me today and he told me of the trials that he went through. A man of God, he refused to cave in to the worldly and corruptive ways of business although that appeared to be the only solution. He kept faithful to God and now he is at peace as God open doors for him to do another thriving business.
He said,"Listen to your heart, not your head".
God's prompting is always soft and a lot of times, we ignore it but if you truly listen to that voice in your heart, you will be happy and at peace even if it means losing your earthly life.

His story reminds me of
Exodus 19:4
You have seen what I did to the Egyptians and how I bore you on eagle's wings and brought you to Myself. Now therefore, if you will obey my voice and keep my covenant, you shall be my own possession among all peoples; for all the earth is mine, and you shall be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.

The Lord carried them on eagle's wings!!!! It sure is uncomfortable but they will learn how to fly after that.
When sufferings and sorrows happen, ask what and not why.
Ask the Lord what can you learn from this?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Little Women, Books and My Crying Days

Catching a glimpse of Little Women movie made me reminisce my childhood days. I remember how Jo from the book inspired me so much. I remembered as a kid I truly wanted to be an author like her. Perhaps it is not too late.

I remember I would spend my days at home, just lying on the couch reading one book after another. I guess my love for books had begun when I first started how to read. When I started primary school, something happened that made me dread going to school. I would cry and cry and would only stop if my mother was there. I must have been such a pain in the neck for my mother. My aunty would cajole me and buy me storybooks so I would stop crying. The headmaster would lend me storybooks while he tried to calm me down and persuaded me to stop crying.I would stop at the sight of the books but the whole cycle would continue the next day.
Till today, I could not remember the exact reasons for my prolonged crying.
Anyways, I know then that books and I were inseparable and hopefully, one day I'll pick up the courage to truly get my book published!!

I think I might just pick up Little Women and read it again tonight for old times sake. :)
If you have never read it, please do. It's a gem and a true classic.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Get Rid of the Weeds

I love nature but I am not born with green fingers.
I guess the only plant that thrives from my hands were those tough desert cactus that I had left outside the balcony.
I thought they will die but amazingly they grow without me tender loving care, come rain or sunshine.
Being back at home with lots of soil around me, I planted some onions and garlics out of curiosity to see how they would grow. When the shoots sprouted and grew, I actually felt happy and amused. Heh..fruit of my fingers. Lols

My mum loves gardening and just recently, she injured her tendon and was asked to refrain from gardening.
She was so devastated and the number one reason was not being able to tend to her garden.
I was overjoyed to see her tendon healed gradually and this afternoon, she was able to pull weeds out from her garden.
I decided to join in and get my hands dirty.

I saw lots of wild grass and plants in various shapes and sizes.
She told me to pull them all out but I was hesitant.
They looked so pretty and I am a person who celebrates diversity.
She told me that those are weeds that are taking up spaces and choking her beautiful carpet of grass and plants from growing heathily. My naivety led me to think of them as companions when they are the enemies!!!

I learnt a lesson here.
Beware of pretty and attractive 'companions' like money, fame, materialistic and negative friends, and etc.
They might appear harmless or even good to you but these might very well be the things that will kill you slowly.
Take out those weeds before they choke you to death!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kate and William's wedding: Every wedding is a royal wedding

I know I'm a bit late to be commenting on the wedding.
The dress was gorgeous as was Kate...the whole ceremony was serene and went very smoothly
The highlight was the kiss..
The two legendary kisses on the balcony that would be remembered forever as royal history
Apart from all that, what I love best was the homily given by the Bishop during the wedding ceremony in Westminster abbey.

Every wedding is a royal wedding

NOTE: Wonderful homily by the Bishop of London Richard Chartres for the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton.  If you didn't have a chance to hear/read it, here it is:

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” So said St Catherine of Siena whose festival day it is today. Marriage is intended to be a way in which man and woman help each other to become what God meant each one to be, their deepest and truest selves.

Many are full of fear for the future of the prospects of our world but the message of the celebrations in this country and far beyond its shores is the right one – this is a joyful day! It is good that people in every continent are able to share in these celebrations because this is, as every wedding day should be, a day of hope.

In a sense every wedding is a royal wedding with the bride and the groom as king and queen of creation, making a new life together so that life can flow through them into the future.

William and Catherine, you have chosen to be married in the sight of a generous God who so loved the world that he gave himself to us in the person of Jesus Christ.

And in the Spirit of this generous God, husband and wife are to give themselves to each another.

A spiritual life grows as love finds its centre beyond ourselves. Faithful and committed relationships offer a door into the mystery of spiritual life in which we discover this; the more we give of self, the richer we become in soul; the more we go beyond ourselves in love, the more we become our true selves and our spiritual beauty is more fully revealed. In marriage we are seeking to bring one another into fuller life.

It is of course very hard to wean ourselves away from self-centredness. And people can dream of doing such a thing but the hope should be fulfilled it is necessary a solemn decision that, whatever the difficulties, we are committed to the way of generous love.

You have both made your decision today – “I will” – and by making this new relationship, you have aligned yourselves with what we believe is the way in which life is spiritually evolving, and which will lead to a creative future for the human race.

We stand looking forward to a century which is full of promise and full of peril. Human beings are confronting the question of how to use wisely a power that has been given to us through the discoveries of the last century. We shall not be converted to the promise of the future by more knowledge, but rather by an increase of loving wisdom and reverence, for life, for the earth and for one another.

Marriage should transform, as husband and wife make one another their work of art. It is possible to transform as long as we do not harbour ambitions to reform our partner. There must be no coercion if the Spirit is to flow; each must give the other space and freedom. Chaucer, the London poet, sums it up in a pithy phrase:

“Whan maistrie [mastery] comth, the God of Love anon,

Beteth his wynges, and farewell, he is gon.”

As the reality of God has faded from so many lives in the West, there has been a corresponding inflation of expectations that personal relations alone will supply meaning and happiness in life. This is to load our partner with too great a burden. We are all incomplete: we all need the love which is secure, rather than oppressive, we need mutual forgiveness, to thrive.

As we move towards our partner in love, following the example of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is quickened within us and can increasingly fill our lives with light. This leads to a family life which offers the best conditions in which the next generation can practise and exchange those gifts which can overcome fear and division and incubate the coming world of the Spirit, whose fruits are love and joy and peace.

I pray that all of us present and the many millions watching this ceremony and sharing in your joy today, will do everything in our power to support and uphold you in your new life. And I pray that God will bless you in the way of life that you have chosen, that way which is expressed in the prayer that you have composed together in preparation for this day:

God our Father, we thank you for our families; for the love that we share and for the joy of our marriage.

In the busyness of each day keep our eyes fixed on what is real and important in life and help us to be generous with our time and love and energy.

Strengthened by our union help us to serve and comfort those who suffer. We ask this in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Beautiful isn't it?
God bless ya!

Praise the Lord for His Mercy and Love

This weekend since Friday has been a wonderful and blessed week not only to me but also to the rest of the world.
The whole world witnessed the sacred exchange of vows between Prince William and now Duchess of Cambridge.
The solemn ceremony professed to the whole world the beauty and santification of marriage that God has given to mankind.
Till death do us part..where most people has deemed the vows to be light when in fact those words built a covenant to God.
What an amazing reminder of marriage as one of God's greatest gift to us.

Today we celebrate God's Divine Mercy.
It is His mercy and love that we are saved.
If you ponder on the passion of Christ, you will see that His mercy for us is so great.
If you go back to the Gospels, you will remember that all the disciples left Jesus except for John at the foot of the Cross. They were terrified and they stay hidden from the Jews after that.
They should be standing up for their master but they did not.
Instead of deeming them as total failures, what did Jesus do?
He appeared to them and said,"Peace be with you"
And He assured Thomas to doubt no longer and embraced Peter who denied Him 3 times.
God still went back to them even after they turned their backs on Him.
What about you and I? How many times have we run away from Jesus?

God wants us come home to Him. No matter how much we sin, God still loves us.
Peace be with you He said. How can we have that peace if we do not go to Him?
Jesus said to Faustina Kowalska,
"My daughter, My pleasure and delight, nothing will stop Me from granting you graces.
Your misery does not hinder My mercy. My daughter, write that the greater the misery of a soul,
The greater it's right to My mercy; (urge) all souls to trust in the unfathomable abyss of My mercy, because I want to save them all. On the cross, the fountain of My mercy was opened wide by the lance for all souls - no one have I excluded!
That is how great the mercy of the Lord is.

What are you waiting for?
Come back to Him
Reconcile with God
Confess your sins
The Sacrament of Reconciliation is waiting for us.
The Lord himself gave authority to the disciples in the Gospel John.

'As the Father sent me,
So am I sending you."

After saying this, He breathed on them and said:
"Receive the Holy Spirit.
For those whose sins you forgive,
They are forgiven;
For those whose sins you retain,
They are retained."

Till today, the sacrament of reconciliation is a gift
A gift of His mercy and for us to proclaim His mercy.

Another beautiful event that took place today is the beatification of Pope John Paul II.
I am blessed to have the chance to follow it on EWTN.
It is not so much about him but about who he portrayed and reflected during his life.
His very life radiated Christ.
Today he is chosen as a role model for us.
All God's apostles and disciples are commanded to preach and be a living witness for God.
Blessed Pope John Paul II indeed was one inspiring man that we could learn from especially in this century where people need to be reminded of Godly values.
What inspires me most was how he stood up and fought against abortion, euthanasia and the rights of the oppressed especially the women and children when the whole world are against these values. He always encouraged the youth to lead holy lives.

The words he said a long time ago that moved me till today were,
"Do not be afraid.Open wide the doors to Christ".
Many of us are plagued with fears but we should not allow that to happen.
Jesus is with us. There is no need to fear.

What I find most beautiful whilst watching and following the celebration on tv,
I saw what seemed like over a million crowd and I felt like we are all a big family and I am part of the celebration although I speak a different language and I am not even there.
It is not so much celebrating him but celebrating God's grace and mercy and love shining through this man and this has brought all of us together united in prayers and united in Jesus today.
It is an amazing feeling knowing that you are united with a big family all around the world.
Our King owns this whole universe therefore everywhere is our home.
The beauty of the church.
It is such a happy feeling!
I cannot describe for it is a mystery but I thank God for bringing us all together to Him.
Wherever you are, if you're lonely but you believe in Jesus,
Know that you're not alone.
You have me, you have us and you have the church, our family.
And you have Jesus.
We're all one big family!
Praise be to God for being so merciful to us and for loving us so much and thank God for constantly reminding us that He is here on earth especially showing us His love through his instruments like Blessed Pope John Paul II.
Praise be to God that through people like Heidi Baker, Scott Hahn, the late Mother Teresa, Stormie Omartion, James Dobson and the list goes on, we know that God is truly very much alive and if they can be saints and lead holy lives, we can as well!
Glory to God in the highest!
Praise be His mercy and love!