Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Get Rid of the Weeds

I love nature but I am not born with green fingers.
I guess the only plant that thrives from my hands were those tough desert cactus that I had left outside the balcony.
I thought they will die but amazingly they grow without me tender loving care, come rain or sunshine.
Being back at home with lots of soil around me, I planted some onions and garlics out of curiosity to see how they would grow. When the shoots sprouted and grew, I actually felt happy and amused. Heh..fruit of my fingers. Lols

My mum loves gardening and just recently, she injured her tendon and was asked to refrain from gardening.
She was so devastated and the number one reason was not being able to tend to her garden.
I was overjoyed to see her tendon healed gradually and this afternoon, she was able to pull weeds out from her garden.
I decided to join in and get my hands dirty.

I saw lots of wild grass and plants in various shapes and sizes.
She told me to pull them all out but I was hesitant.
They looked so pretty and I am a person who celebrates diversity.
She told me that those are weeds that are taking up spaces and choking her beautiful carpet of grass and plants from growing heathily. My naivety led me to think of them as companions when they are the enemies!!!

I learnt a lesson here.
Beware of pretty and attractive 'companions' like money, fame, materialistic and negative friends, and etc.
They might appear harmless or even good to you but these might very well be the things that will kill you slowly.
Take out those weeds before they choke you to death!!

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