Thursday, May 5, 2011

Occults and Magic

I woke up feeling extremely disturbed. How is it that an author who claimed to be a Christian that has inspired millions of people is actually involved in magic? I don’t know whether it is just a metaphor that he is using in his fictional books or he is truly involved in magic or just teasing about it but I pray that God will show him the truth and the light especially since many others look to him for inspiration. I do not condemn or judge this writer but do join me in praying that God will shed light on him and may his words be from God to guide and not to mislead.
I want to share with you a personal story of a person who was involved in the occults.
Sr. Emmanuel is born catholic. However, she was not very much into her faith and was ignorant of what the bible teaches. In college, she started playing with the occult like Ouija boards, fortune telling and etc. One day, she was offered a job to India but her employer asked that she be checked by an astrologer first. She went in to the astrologer and he came with a book, telling her everything of her life from the day she was born till she was 24. She was 24 when she visited him. He went on to tell what is going to happen to her till the age 30. He went on explaining that everything that happened to her was according to the planets, the movement of the stars and planets. She was filled with fear and was devastated that her life will depend on how the planets move. She suddenly thought of her Heavenly Father and felt like an orphan, separated from God.
Soon, she was depressed, consumed with all negativity and was feeling very low. One day, she decided she could not live any longer. She felt something gripping her heart and it was dying. She decided to commit suicide. She warned God that she would take her life at 5 pm. At that time, her sister happened to visit her and saw her devastating state. Her sister told her that she met a group of great charismatic and joyful people and asked her to visit them later in a prayer meeting. She blatantly refused. However, she had so much time till 5 pm so decided to go and see them.
The moment she stepped in the room, she could feel the joy and happiness of this group of people. She was reminded of the Acts of the Apostles that she had read long ago when she was young. She recalled saying that if she will ever find people who are so filled with the Holy Spirit and live guided by the spirit like the apostles back then, she will follow them. It was too late. She has decided to take her life.
She just sat there while they praised and worshipped. All of a sudden, a lady shouted and said that in their midst, there is someone who is going to meet death that very day and went on saying what this person did (meeting astrologer, etc). She was shocked and came to see this lady right after to find out who has told this lady about her. The lady answered that she did not know it was her but the Holy Spirit has revealed that someone is going to meet death.
The lady rebuked her for going to see the astrologer as it is forbidden by God. It was Satan who told the astrologer everything and of course, as a fallen angel he would be able to tell her past life story and her life in future was all a lie, a make-belief. Satan can never know someone’s future.
“Do you believe that Jesus would take all these demons away from you?” in a desperate state, she said yes but what was the use, her heart already felt like dying. She could not bear to live any longer.
“Do you believe that Jesus will heal and restore your heart?” the lady went on and she said yes.
A group of people started to pray over her and they sang in tongues. She felt Jesus coming to her and saving her from the ditch of death and touched her deeply. After the prayers are over, she was freed. She was no longer anxious and the grip in her heart was gone. She checked the time and it was 5 pm. God has come to save her at the appointed time of her death.
Jesus saved her life so she decided to give her life back to God. None of the things that the astrologer foretold has happened to her. She is now a member of the Beatitudes community and has lived in Medjugorje since 1989. Now, besides attending to pilgrims in Medjugorje, she also travels around the world preaching and has written several books. I was privileged to attend one of the talks of which I was greatly encouraged and enlightened.
The mercy of God is so great J
Lessons learnt from here as told by Sr. Emmanuel:
Avoid all things occult: Ouija boards, astrology, divination, bomoh, magic, tarot cards, palm reading, fortune telling, horoscope, wearing charms, omulets, crystals that heal and etc.
Deuteronomy 18:9-12
When you come into the land that the LORD your God is giving you, you must not learn to imitate the abhorrent practices of those nations. No one shall be found among you who makes a son or daughter pass through fire, or who practices divination, or is a soothsayer, or an augur or a sorcerer, or one who casts spells, or who consults ghosts or spirits, or who seeks oracles from the dead. For whoever does these things is abhorrent to the Lord; it is because of such abhorrent practices that the LORD your God is driving them out before you.
Abhorrent means abomination to the Lord. It is going against the Lord. It is spiritual adultery. When you practice occult, you are entering Satan’s camp and give him an entry into your heart and into your soul.
Have a good FEAR of the LORD.
Do not consult the dead. Do not ever speak to the dead. You can pray for their souls but do not speak to them. If ever you find souls appearing to you, it is usually a disguise by the evil spirits. If you feel disturbed by these appearances, speak to your pastor or priest.
Avoid fortune telling. Satan can never know our future. God alones know our future and our future is in God’s hands. Most of the time, we want to know our future so we can be in control of our life but this is wrong. Jesus says,

“Trust in Me.”
“You don’t need to know the future.”
“The grace you have today is just enough for today and not for tomorrow. You need not worry about tomorrow for The Father will provide everything. The Holy Spirit will lead you.”

Read also Deuteronomy 4: 23 -25, 5: 7-8
Trust in Him
Habakkuk 3:19
The Lord my God is my strength
He makes me leap like the deer
He guides me to the high places

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