Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silence with the Waves

The sound of waves seem so near yet so far,
Bringing up tears and drowning endless sorrows,
The silence on the beach was long yet to be missed,
A stillness acquired by chance to grasp the peace surpassing understanding,
Looking up to the tears of the moon and the stars,
Longing to console and caress but out of reach

Drawing on the sand hoping to reach out,
Hearts are closed tightly as the night becomes damper,
A gloomy light penetrates the surface of the sand,
A sprinkle of hope in the midst of total darkness
But soon gone as the darkness grew stronger

The waves continue to roar breaking the silence,
Yet the moon and the stars stood far away,
Shedding tears that never seem to end,
Wallowing in the sadness beyond centuries,
It hurts so bad knowing they cannot be reached,
It hurts even more knowing they are bleeding through the night,
It hurts the most to sit and gaze into the sorrows of the moonlight,
Weeping in silence with the waves,
Alone on the beach

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