Saturday, May 28, 2011

singleness and casual relationships

Are you weary of casual relationships that do not satisfy?
Are you tired of meeting one guy or one girl after another only to get disappointed?
Are you endlessly searching for love everywhere but fail?
Or are you trying to refrain yourself from meeting and getting involved with the wrong people but are too weak to walk away each time?

You feel lonely and perhaps the clock is ticking
You feel you're the only one without the perfect partner
You are wondering when will a prince charming come and sweep you off your feet
Or when will a damsel in distress be around for you to save the day?

You go from one date to another and ended up hurting more than ever
You wonder if this cycle will never end and your perfect mate will never come along

Have you ever stop and reflect?

God, our good God has set aside a wonderful partner for us if marriage is what He intends for us to have
He knows and loves you more than anything in this world
Don't you think He would not know what kind of a partner you will need?
He is a father who loves us best.
He only wants the best for us..but perhaps we keep going after all the people we think we are destined for while they are not meant for us and we ended up more broken than before

Even before u were born, God already has a purpose laid out for you
Don't you think He would not have planned and created a partner specially for you as well?

Don't go looking everywhere anymore
Guard your heart

Imagine if you're on a treasure hunt and your goal is the diamond.
However, you get distracted by all the silver and other less precious stones along the way.
They seem good enough but they're not the diamond you're looking for.
Some of you get contented and stopped the journey but something tells you this is not good enough.
Some of you stopped at every silver only to get confused and more confused on which ones.
Some of you ignored all these and found the diamond.

Well, think of the 'wrong' men or women as silver and the partner you're meant to have is the diamond.

How do you that?
How would you know?

Pray pray pray
And stay away from men or women who do not share your values. Stay away does not mean not befriending them but do not get involved romantically with them.

Pray that God will flee you of all these 'dates' that will harm you or leave you broken hearted or worse, stray you away from God.
I know many of us are weak and before we know it, we are in another relationship that will never last.

I find this verse from Psalm 16 a very good prayer. Psalm 16:1-2
Preserve me God, I take refuge in you.
I say to the Lord: 'You are my God.
My happiness lies in you alone."

Yes, I believe if we truly delight in the Lord first, He will grant us the desires of our heart.

Perhaps God wants you to fully delight in Him and be contented with this singleness of yours.
Perhaps this is a season of your life that He wants you to focus only on Him.

Whatever the reasons are, you are not alone and God loves you.
He wants the best for you.

So seek Him. Put Him first and who knows? Your prince charming or princess mademoiselle will just pop up in front of you in the most unexpected places.

God bless you

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