Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby Doe

I am 29 years late in learning of this news.
I am shocked and sad.

In 1982, a baby was legally allowed by the courts to be starved to death by his parents because he was born with Down Syndrome. This happened in Indiana.

How crazy is that? What happened to civilization of minds? Aren't people supposed to be more sound in mind in these times of modern age???

He's not the only baby. What about the billions of babies that have been aborted?
I am sad but I cannot imagine how God must be feeling to see His creation utterly, brutally murdered in their helplessness and innocence. As our Father, He must be heartbroken.

This baby, abnormal as he may appear to the world but his soul is whole because he is created by our loving Father.

Baby Doe, a song dedicated to him and probably millions of babies who are left to die left a mark in my mind and heart.
You can read the rest of the lyrics in Jeremy Myer's blog.

Check out

Please I beg you, if you are thinking of abandoning your baby or having an abortion, yes you who is reading right now..
Please I beg you, don't. This baby of yours is God's gift to the world. He or she is innocent no matter how he or she is conceived. Give this baby of yours a chance. Who knows she or he might be the next Mother Teresa or Abraham Lincoln? Don't kill him or her.

In memory of Baby Doe, I pray for all babies who are abandoned and all who are starving and those born with Down Syndrome and especially those who are on the verge of being aborted.
Dear Lord, please send your angels to comfort them and keep them close to you for they are yours. Protect them and shield them from the evil ones. Send them light and guidance till the day they will meet you in their eternal home.

If you're reading this,
God bless you!!

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