Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beware of the Wide Roads

A cloud of perversion hangs itself,
Multiplying in split seconds,
Slaying innocent minds and hearts,
Preaching not truth but deceit,
Blinding and shut your eyes from light

Bubbles of darkness bobbing up and down,
In the stale air where freshness is struggling to exhale,
Why stand up and be different you say,
When everyone in the world is doing it,
It can't be wrong you say,
When it feels so right

Little did you know death traps disguised as angels of light,
Lurking just round the corner preying on you,
Malicious skies of deformed morality stood waiting with its doors wide open,
Waiting for the perfect time to seize,
Like a whore trapping your mind, body and soul

It will be too late before you are gripped by the harsh lessons,
Your precious treasure is gone and you're left with nothing but a broken shell,
It will be wise to turn away,
Not for your body's sake but for your soul of which you cannot behold,
Beware and listen my child,
For the road that leads to true happiness is narrow and few finds it

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