Thursday, May 26, 2011

Are you hiding behind a mask?

Are you hiding behind a mask?

You probably said NO but are you truly being honest with yourself?

Many of us, even those claim to be good Christians tend to put on a mask everywhere we go.
We might hide behind a mask of an angel or create a mask of a success
We might like to crouch behind the mask of darkness..

Whatever masks we have put on to show the image we want people to see,
God knows the real us.

He knows the deepest recesses of our heart. He knows our intentions and motives.
He knows we are very vulnerable and broken and that is why we wear such superficial masks to appear strong.
He knows that we are even wearing mask to hide from Him.
We create a set of standards that we think God will like and we put on that mask whenever we pray.

You know what?
God loves you just the same.
He loves you even when you sin.
Nothing will ever change His love for you.

Why are you and me hiding behind these masks that we have sought for ourselves?
Are we not tired?

No need to hide.
Fear no more of our weaknesses.

There is an excerpt here from a pilgrim to Medjugorje.
She described her experience and here she talks about God calling out to us despite our reluctance to come out from those masks.

"In Medjugorje, we find ourselves responding to God’s call big-time! We learn there is no longer a need to hide and be fearful because when God’s call comes, it is a loving call, not a call of condemnation or threat. It is the call of the Father. The Loving Father reveals himself to us. He does not allow the world to place him behind a mask, to disguise or hide him, to distort him in a way that the serpent desires to present. Our Father is a God of revelation. He is with us. He refuses to hide from his children. Seek and you shall find."

You can read more from

Hide no longer my friends.

God loves you just the way you are.

God bless you!

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