Friday, May 20, 2011


Heavens are glowing yet your sadness is growing,
The rainbow is smiling yet your sorrows are piling,
Heartbreak and tears breathing into my face,
Wishing to stop the time to catch those tears in my embrace

If I were a nightingale, I would sing and melt those bitterness away,
If I were a sunflower, I would beam with my petals shining on your dark nights,
If I were a buoy, I would let you float on me washing your burdens away,
If I were a bee, I would stung you and remind you that I am near you,
If I were a tree, I would shelter and protect you from all those hurts,
If I were a needle, I would weave and mend your broken heart with my thread of gold

But I am only human
I can only sit by your side
Even if you do not see or hear
I can only wish and pray
Spring will come soon and the budding happiness will bloom
Casting away the sorrows of winter
Perhaps then I can see a smile
Not from your face but from within your heart

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