Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dancing in the Moonlight

An enchanting night was how it begun,

Twinkling of magical powders all around…

Swirling and twirling,

The moon lights beaming,

The dance floor flooding,

The music serenading…

In the midst of the booming,

You stood there handsomely charming,

Tall and poised, there were none as dashing,

You caught my eyes and sent me spinning…

Words can’t explain what went on happening,

Hard to comprehend the mystical surrounding,

Caught off guard by mere transcending,

A young bud that went on blooming…

Across the mist and flickering light,

A fairy tale story had just ascended,

Tales of never-ending dancing that took flight,

However unfortunate it had to be ended…

Dancing in the moon light,

Those precious moments that felt so right,

Don’t come twice on a note so rare,

Short and sweet it shall stay.

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