Sunday, August 22, 2010


Sitting by the alley
Eating is the only thing on her mind
Or perhaps
Nothing is too great to bother her now

She can hear the rumble
She can’t help but grumble

Why her?
Oh Why?

She just wants a touch
She just wants a ‘hi’
She just wants a quick acknowledgement
Or perhaps
She just wants someone to reach out

Perhaps a pat
Perhaps a hug
Or even
Perhaps a smile

Is it so much to ask for?
Is it so much to aim for?
Is it so much to long for?

Her soul is aching
Her heart is longing
Her throat is thirsting
Her stomach is churning

Her loneliness too deep
Her hopelessness too much
Her helplessness too huge
Her bleakness too strong

She can no longer take it

Why her?
Oh Why?

She will be leaving the world
Sitting by that alley


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