Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear Friend

Wrote it a while back for a friend...
Whoever you are, if you happen to read this, know that you are not alone and whatever it is you're facing that hurts so much, know that God loves you and will grant you the strength to face everything if you allow Him.

Dear Friend,

I care and I know,

I hope and I wish,

I believe and I understand….

The immense pain,

The immeasurable piercing,

The deadly silence,

The unbearable cross,

The constant struggle…

The laughter is gone,

The crying in the night,

The awakening of the body,

The brokenness of the soul…

It burns me…


You don’t laugh the way you used to,

You don’t smile the way you used to,

You don’t feel happy and light anymore,

The weight is just too much….

Dear Friend,

I hope one day you will come to realize,

That you are precious, so precious,

You are the apple of His eye………

I know you feel alone and in despair,

A million miles from home,

It seems that no once cares,

No one bothers,

You feel like a tiny speck in the wide universe,

That life is so unfair….

You gotta hold on,

Hold on to the promise like it’s your last breath,

Let it fill your heart when there is nothing left

Don’t give up,

Don’t give in…….

When the cross is too heavy,

When it is dark and you're afraid,

Let the spirit guide your way,

Let your potter mend the brokenness,

Let the fire renew you,

Let the Father remould you.

There is so much left to do,

A great big world ahead of you,

So many people in your life,

Waiting to see your smile,

Waiting for you to inhale joy again,

Waiting for you to embrace the peace of mind….

I know you feel hopeless,

I know you don’t feel pretty even though you are,

But it wasn’t your beauty that found room in my heart….

Dear friend,

I’m here for you,

I know you don’t feel like talking,

But we can share this day anew,

His love is all around you,

A fortress that surrounds you,

His word will shield you,

Let it comfort and protect you from the storm…

Let Him hold you in His love…

It’s time to start a new day,

He will help you find a way to a better place,

He will build a new you from all your brokenness….

Dear friend,

You are so precious,

So so precious….

To me….

To Him…

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