Monday, August 16, 2010

Let Me Sow Peace

      This was my first poem for the Delphic Games. I sent it in during my application. It's an expression of how i feel about the world today and the state it is in. We are supposed to be caretakers of the earth as entrusted into our hands by our beloved Father. Unfortunately, human's selfishness and greediness has drove our earth into the worst state it has ever been. Look at all the disasters in the world today.

      Anyways i decided to recite the other poem, the story in poetry. The reason is the message of love is more crucial than trying to fix the earth without love. If we have love, we have it all. As one fellow poet signed in my Delphic book of poems, she penned 'the message is love'. Back to the track, enjoy the poem below. Play some instrumental music while u read..especially one with the sounds of nature.:)

Let Me Sow Peace..

Listening to the birds that are chirping gladly,

Lying on the grass beneath trees with dew glistening,

Crossing the streams of waters that are sparkling clearly,

Immersing in the presence of flowers blossoming

Resting on the autumn beds of Mother Earth,

Basking in the golden rays of Brother Sun,

Soaking in the graceful drops of Sister Water,

Breathing in the gentle breeze of Brother Air

Those were moments of peace and serenity,

Simple pleasures derived from our nature’s beauty,

Tranquil delights poured from the sky’s simplicity,

Precious flashes of Mother Earth’s crown of glory

Who can fathom the brilliance of nature’s creation?

Who can comprehend the majesty of Mother Earth’s glow?

Who can understand the mystique of our world’s foundation?

Who can grasp the fruitfulness that the trees grow?

What has happened to once upon a time in paradise?

What has robbed of Mother Earth’s maternal protection?

What has killed the branches that give shelter and life?

What has choked Brother Air with its pollution?

The world has lost the values of life and its vitality

The world has forgotten the blissfulness of quietness

The world has lost sense of silence and harmony

The world has drowned in the seas of chaos and busyness

Mother Earth is dying from the world’s negligence

Brother Sun is trembling with the global warming

Brother Air is choking from the unnecessary consumptions

Sister Water is crying from the world’s dumping

People are living oblivious to others and their surroundings

People are killing mercilessly and destroying precious lives

People are destructing our gift of nature and fellow earthlings

People are shattering peace and joy by becoming money slaves

Why does the world neglect the earth that gives prosperity?

Why does the world ignore the cries of famine and poverty?

Why does the world pursue and chase for what is temporary?

Why does the world demolish what was once heavenly?

What has become of the sweetness of life’s journey?

What has become of the pure joy of brotherhood and unity?

What has become of our nature’s mountain and valley?

What has become of the birds and bees’ gaiety?

The pastures are no longer green and blooming

The shepherds have lost all joys of flocking and guarding

The vineyards are no longer bright and flourishing

The gardeners have lost the pride of pruning and harvesting

People are no longer smiling at their neighbours

People are no longer beaming with lustre

People are no longer respecting their elders

People are no longer preserving their culture

People are consumed with hypocrisy and vulgarity

People are congested with pangs of hunger and loneliness

People are chained up with lust and superficiality

People are hammered with incurable diseases and sickness

Why are we proclaiming justice when we fail to obey the law?

Why are we shouting equality when we neglect the poor?

Why are we campaigning when we ignore what we saw?

Why are we preaching when we close our very own door?

Why do we oppress those who seek refuge and had to flee?

Why do we deny those who hunger and thirst for water?

Why do we repress the rights to live and be free?

Why do we reject those whose lives are afflicted by danger?

The world has been grieving for far too long

The world has been longing for a brand new society

The world has been deceiving without care for right or wrong

The world has been dreaming of boundless unity

The birds are losing their nest and cease to existence

The land is losing its fertility to be productive and multiply

The families are dying from values that are prone to extinction

The unborn child loses the right to live and is forced to die

Why do we choose to ignore when we can act?

Why do we choose to forsake when we can build?

Why do we choose to be blind when we can have tact?

Why do we choose to abandon when we can yield?

Why can’t we reach a hand to those in need?

Why can’t we jump straight to embrace a good deed?

Why can’t we lend a smile to others without heed?

Why can’t we stretch a mile to help to feed?

Why are we wasting energy when we can save?

Why are we throwing away what we can recycle?

Why are we limiting ourselves only to what appears safe?

Why are we behaving lewdly and let our hands being idle?

The world can stop, reflect, look and ponder,

The world can learn to tolerate, love and care for one another,

The world can join hands to unite with each other,

The world can reach out to the cries of those over yonder

People can frown less and try to smile more,

People can complain less and be more grateful,

People can be slow to judge and care more,

People can be less selfish and strive to be helpful

Heal Mother Earth that it may continue to nurture us,

Restore Sister Water that it may continue to cleanse us,

Conserve Brother Sun that it may continue to shine its light on us,

Purify Brother Air that it may continue to breathe life into us

The world must stop hurting and unite in prayers

The world must start building bridges of faith and trust

The world must look beyond colours and races

The world must move to compassion to the outcast

What are we doing to spread messages of love and harmony?

What are we doing to sow seeds of peace for the next generation?

What are we doing to stop destruction and killing without mercy?

What are we doing to preserve our culture and tradition?

Sowing seeds of hope upon the vast fields,

Scattering seeds of smile beyond the horizons,

Watering stalks of trust to gather their yields,

Pruning branches of peace to strengthen their bonds

Bearing immeasurable fruits beyond comprehension,

Sorrows turn to smiles and tears turn to laughter,

Anxieties turn to calmness and hatred turns to passion,

Fears turn to trust casting away fruits that are bitter

Listening to the leaves rustling and the wind blowing,

Capturing tranquillity in the forests that is chilling,

Gathering woods in winter that is ever so freezing,

Enjoying the slow walk amidst the sun setting

Mother Earth stands gloriously astounding,

Brother Sun shines light with mere transcending,

Sister Water flows gracefully and softly illuminating,

Brother Air whispers breeze gently caressing

Oh those are our deepest desires for a new day

When wars, troubles and evils are tied to a leash

That can only happen when each willingly say

O let me sow peace

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