Friday, August 13, 2010

Welcome Angelina Bong

   All these years, I have been blogging either anonymously for fear of being caught right-handed expressing myself on this space that everyone calls internet, or keeping a few blogs that are very vague here and there. I probably can't remember many of the blogs or even the passwords that i have created.
   Well, i finally pluck up the courage to use my own name to carve a space in the blogging world to myself by my given name. I am not too happy that someone else has gotten angelinabong.blogspot but i guess i have to settle for angelina-bong.blogspot.
   I shall welcome myself here. This will be my new spot to express myself and probably a place that i can keep track of my poems. Yup, i write poems. I think i am also an oddball but that's all right. An oddball is better than being commercial.
   This shall be my first post. I do not care if anyone ever reads this but i am happy to write.

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