Friday, August 20, 2010

Posting my Poems

I still have few more hours to go before i can leave. I'm basically stuck here.Thank God for internet. Well, as boring as most people would say, invigilation is not that bad. The most interesting part of it is observing those candidates especially ones who are far older than you. It's quite an easy way to make money too. I think i should start applying soon for more invigilation jobs considering i am still so free without any permanent job on my hands.

I better start posting my poems up so i can have a proper place for viewers to read. I have it all over the place. Multiply, facebook, webook are some of the sites that i post but none has a collection of all of them. I decided to just create a category entitled my poems so for readers who are intrigued by poems or who merely want to try reading poetry for fun, go to the category labelled 'My Poems' and you will see some of my peoms there. I will upload from day to day basis depending on my mood and free time. Yea, artist needs to work according to their moods' pace.Sorry about that.

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