Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fear Not, Have Faith

I am waiting for admission to hospital again. This is my third time this year.
I am so used to it that I do not feel afraid any longer. Somehow, when you are used to certain procedures and pain, you are numb to them.
I have been having gastro and abdominal problems for quite a while and medications do not seem to help.
I am prepared for the worst. I am at peace in the midst of all these troubles. I have accepted that trials and tribulations are part of our life and we cannot escape from them.
Everyone is showered with mountains of challenges but it is up to us on how we face them. Do we face them alone or do we surrender to God and let Him lead the way?
Fears can easily put a chain around us and make us paralysed with hopelessness. Faith releases fear and enables us to cling on to God although we cannot see what lies ahead of us.
Most of the time, unexpected events throw themselves at us and we are caught off guard. Some of us become depressed and drive even a few to the point of committing suicide.
However, our God is bigger than any of these events. He repeatedly tells us not to be afraid all through out the New and Old testament.
As I sit here waiting, I feel peace more than anything else. His words are my pillars of strength. I could feel my inner being transfixed on the words, " Fear Not, Have Faith".
I hope you have faith too.
May God be with you.