Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Eternal Home

I dream and long for my everlasting home,

An eternal haven of peace, joy and happiness,

A paradise without tears or pain of any form,

Holding the hands of the Royal Highness

Alleluia shall be my praise each day,

Endless songs shall escape my lips daily,

Leaving behind bad memoirs of yesterday,

My soul shall beam with rays of tranquility

Made anew from the old brokenness,

Hosanna shall I shout from dawn till dusk,

Fears forever gone in the presence of holiness,

Restored for eternity though made from dust

It says weeping shall endure for a night

For joy shall come in the morning

But here every single day will be bright

Joining in the choirs of angels that sing

There are many more winding valleys and roads,

Before I touch down and enjoy my heavenly rest,

I pray for grace to finish my earthly workloads,

To fulfil my mission and purpose with all of my best

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