Monday, February 20, 2012

Hang in there! Thanks to Madea (Tyler Perry)

I was watching A Madea Christmas by Tyler Perry and it was hilarious!

As usual, it's jam-packed with good messages!

One thing that he said that caught my attention was this. I am not quoting word for word here though.

Remember the donkey that Jesus sat on before He went to Calvary? That's Palm Sunday. Jesus asked for a donkey that was tied and one that no man or child has ever sat. It was virginal in a sense, pure and unused. God had a purpose for Him and Jesus was going to use Him.

Imagine the donkey's frustration of being tied up for a long time but God was preparing to sit on it. Imagine that? The only donkey Jesus has ever sat on.

We can be going round and round in circles in the same situation or we can be tied like the donkey to a certain situation but God always have a purpose for that, like the donkey.

So, if you're tied up on a situation or waiting for something that never seem to happen, hang in there!

I never look at the donkey that way before but now, the story of the donkey teaches me something!

Hang in there!

I thank Tyler Perry for allowing God to use Him to be His hands and feet in the most entertaining way! God bless you!

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