Friday, February 15, 2013

That First Day

Caught off guard by surprise,
A gentle stare blew shyness away,
Fragrance of kindness yield to the heart,
A lovely greeting so melancholy

Threw self love off the feet,
Spread of roses beaming its way,
Radiance of cool waters lies beneath,
A dream so childlike and pure

Reality speaks even harsher,
Swooning at the fingers of romance,
Thinking of what will be will be,
A thought to be held like kisses

Daydreams of air wishes of love,
Enchanted by the smile of innocence,
Creations of poise with imperfections,
A world with no worries within

Highest statures of cravings,
Passionate beauty of the dainty mind,
No one so fair and true to be found,
A stage where all wins an Oscar

Every day is an expression,
Set free from a dying gesture of love,
Where words and eyes collide,
A storming of heaven to set its spark

Patience shall win with glory,
Triumphant envies dancing in echoes,
The beginning of a celebration,
A reminder of that first day

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