Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dedicated to those struggling from chronic pain: Battle in the Night

I probably posted the poem below before but thought i would do a dedication to my fellow fibromyalgia mates and those struggling from chronic pain.
I wrote this in the middle of the night when i was staying in the hospital when i was in pain from disc herniation and sciatica. My fibromyalgia pains intensified the pain and lyrica could not really help me to sleep that night.
That was last year and I am so much better now. I am off lyrica.
If you're suffering from fibromyalgia, do login to facebook and look for Voices of Fibromyalgia You'll be surprised that you are not alone!
Alternatively: here is their blog:

I put my poem there too.

Darkness falls and lights go off 
Nurses still busy past midnight
The dark tunnel amazingly calm
The soul at peace with lyrica

Celebrex soothes roaring nerves
Fibro wakes up now and then
The disc says hello unexpectedly
Sending excited waves all over

Stillness of the night brushes over
An occasional snore stir the silence
Faux drowsiness running through
Buzzing sounds of far emergencies

Lights outside sheds a bright twinkle
Ignoring neverending pokes of pain
Central nervous system likes to joke
Pouring waves of tingle till you cry

Numbness became one's best friend
A new soulmate as close as fibro
Unspoken words shared the cannal
Borderline carpel tunnel syndrome

Muscles and veins dances together
Forming jingles of tap dancing
Weakened arms exhorts a laugh
Expressing turmoil without energy

Alas the dark night is still long
It is a beginning of a new battle
Science and emotions join forces
Shaping warriors of divine strength

Don't give up the battle and you'll emerge a warrior stronger after all those wars you've survived!

Photo taken from Voices of Fibromyalgia

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