Monday, February 23, 2015

A Little Update from me

It has been a long while since I step into my cavern.

Last year has been amazing. I have climbed a little up the stairs of my dreams, immersion into the world of Arts and Poetry.

I was invited to Africa twice. Once as a performer/storyteller in a musical play entitled Basadi Balefatshe in South Africa and later in the year, as a guest poet for Maun International Arts Festival, Botswana. Both proved to be enriching experiences. I have met incredible souls and talented poets. They fueled my passion to reach out in arts and poetry. The power of the spoken word brings healing, encouragement as well as educating in the form of entertainment. God truly entrust each person with different talents to bless the world.

Back in my homeland, we started the World Arts Convention 2014, the first of its kind in Borneo. At the same time, we hosted Malaysia's Biggest 3D Mural Art in a mall. The aim is to elevate the appreciation of arts in the local society. 

I am also very grateful for all who has supported me in my arts; buying my paintings and drawings as well as commissioning me to paint. The start of this year has proved to be fruitful too. I sell at least one painting a month. That's a progress for me ;) We even painted a mural art as part of a community project in Kenyalang earlier this year.

Here's a snapshot of a passerby taking a photo of the 3D mural we painted.

3D Mural Art at old Kenyalang Theatre, Kuching. Photo credit: Samson Koh.

A shout out to God above for guiding me towards a narrower, less travelled path in fulfilling my purpose in life. If I can just reach one soul through one painting or a poem be it in Africa, Korea or Russia, my mission is accomplished. Do pray for me as I continue to sow peace, hope, love and light through my arts.

Thank you for dropping by!

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