Thursday, November 11, 2010

Painting for my Beloved

I paint my blues away
Sitting in a far corner of my room
Somewhere over the rainbow
Waiting for my beloved

Painting from the depths of my heart
The lonesome brush dancing for love
Each stroke shall lead me to my beloved
Perhaps this will let me abide in my beloved
Painting the skies to wipe away the tears
Painting the earth to wash away the sorrows
Painting the waters to drown away the pain

Waiting in solitude
My beloved has lured me into the wilderness

I shall keep painting for my beloved
Awaiting His coming
Awaiting His seeming glory
That no human eyes can see
My beloved shall bring me joy

Painting with all my heart
An offering to my beloved
It shall bring us together, united in the hearts
No one shall tear us apart
Each stroke, each brush, each dap
All for my beloved
A sign of the everlasting covenant
A stroke of genius in my beloved's heart
Where none can ever comprehend

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