Thursday, November 4, 2010

You Feel but you do not Feel

You feel but you do not feel
Is this true or just a deception of the mind?
Is it for real or the intensity just getting to you?
Are you keeping it hidden for your own sake?
Are you guarding your heart from what might hurt even more?
You think you know but you do not know
You think you see but you do not perceive
You think you hear but you do not grasp
Is illusion painting itself in front of you?
It might be the truth but perhaps it is not
You want to but you do not really want to
You think you need to but maybe you do not need to 
What is left is leaving you feeling for what you do not know
And you wake up each morning
Asking yourself over and over
And concluding comes to an end
You feel but you do not feel

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