Friday, August 5, 2011

A breath of fresh air in my Cavern

The sound of the fan spinning repetitively is surprisingly soothing,
Sitting alone facing my cavern has never been so comforting,
Solitary in the midst of buzzing city life and a hectic schedule,
A part of my soul's rhythm was left wandering for ridicule

Parting with the solitude of my cave for mere busyness,
Being strapped to the worldly beats of dizziness,
Suffocated somehow feeling like a handicap,
Nothing beats a breather dropping into your lap

Coming back to my cavern to inhale some fresh air,
It's like strolling the parks of Verona with a lady so fair,
A rapture of smiles sparked the lit in my dampened mind,
Foreseeing a weekend that will flow just fine

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