Friday, September 2, 2011

Cannot sleep??

Tossing and turning
Heat filled the air
Mosquitoes buzzing around
Random thoughts flying in the head
It is hard to sleep
Thinking of so many things
Wanting to just use a magic wand and wipe all to do lists free
Most of all worries and anxieties
And the painful memoirs of misbehavings
He said be not afraid
He said peace be with you
He said abide in me
He said I forgive you
Those soothing words
Brings back moments of truth and comforting touch
He will wipe away the tears
He will help make crosses bearable
He will make all the pain worthwhile
Life is short
Too many things to do but so little time
Yet only one thing that truly matters
Just stay with Him
Focus on Him
Sit at His feet and let Him tell you what to do next
Like Mary everytime He went to Bethany
Perhaps little or no sleep or more sleep will not make much difference for one knows that strength comes from Him
Till the day He comes for us
We shall persevere and cling unto Him

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