Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Give you My All

In solitude I seek your presence,
In the desert I meet your holy face,
You embrace me in the wilderness,
Holding me like a lamb in your arms
You call me precious one
You bestow lavish gifts on me
Wolves and snakes you chase them away
The brokenness in my heart you make it whole
You wipe away every single tears
In the darkness and pain
You care and pour out your anointing oil
Holding my hands you fix the holes
You beckon me to pick up the cross
When I fail you lift me up
When I am too weak
You shower me with graces
In the gates of hell you put your angels charge over me
You stop me if I run away
No hiding place can be covered from you
You love me so much till it hurts
My beloved one
Till death you lay down for me
What more can I ask for
You gave everything for me
With every drop of your precious blood
I love you so for you first love me
With that I give you my all

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