Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random Poetry of the Soul

Pictures paint a thousand words they say
Poetry stirs up imagination a million times
Missing the good old days with poetry
The inner blues and soulful tone are fading

Why do sorrows always meet creativity
A bubble of joy finds it hard to express
Finesse in top of the cream word of arts
Random words are thrown for playful sake

Perhaps the loneliness of Van Gogh
Matches the colourful vigour of Da Vinci
Creations of geniuses spark mystery
Leaving behind a trail of followers

Sufferings exude great strength
A drop of pure blood sanctifies all
In the dark night the soul grieves
Mourning poured on masterpieces

A grand finale awaits the artsy soul
No one understands yet many feels
The depth of imaginations and longings
True to itself till death does it wait

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