Friday, June 22, 2012

My Poor Artist

Now your bags are packed,
You are ready to go,
My heart is sad,
Words cannot explain,
All those passing years,
You have been there for me,
My wild rollercoaster days,
Your artist mood swings,
Our endless melancholy chats,
Our dreams of backpacking,
Our hopes to trek every jungle,
Fashion dreams collide into cloud nine,
Hippie songs and beatle mania,
I wanna hold your hands we sing,
Reggae bar and rainforest fests,
Artsy bazaars and coffee rantings,
Oriental arts and psychedelic colours,
Rockclimbing and waterfall adventures,
The strings that held us together,
Our swimming and kayaking days are over,
Suntanning we shall leave to the kids,
Who are oblivious to freckles and wrinkles,
You sang amazing grace,
And I almost fell off my chair,
I still cannot believe that deep voice is yours,
Boyfriends come and go,
Yet you stay and make me smile,
God's grace you are,
A blessing and gift to me,
A friend like you is like Vitamin C,
Keeps me from the viruses of blues,
As sad as I might sound yet am happy,
My poor artist is spreading his wings,
There is none like you,
I know I will never find a substitute,
So please be happy for me over the sea,
I pray God keep you safe in His wings,
And please my dearest artist,
Keep the arts flowing

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