Monday, June 25, 2012

Missionary of Charity

      I have been on bed rest for at least five days now. Still, my leg is painful. It does not seem like muscular pain but only a proper diagnosis can prove what is wrong. I tried to call the doctor the whole morning but could not even get through to him. He's a good doctor and that is why, he is on demand as well.

     He is fully booked and could not slot me in till tomorrow morning. How hard it is today to see a good doctor. Harder still for those who cannot afford. I thought of the poor. How painful it must be for them to see their own children die because of malnutrition and disease. How much suffering for those who are poor, sick and still have to work to fend for their family.

      It so happened that I am reading 'Come Be My Light', the revealing private writings of the late Blessed Mother Teresa. She herself went through so much sufferings so she could identify and relate and fathom the sufferings of the poor, the sick and the dying.

      It makes me think of a lot of things. There are still so much poverty in the world but many of us are so caught up in materialism, the latest fads and the next property to buy. The list goes on. Will we just spend a little more time and love for these people?

      I think of the many graduates of medicine out there. I pray and I hope you will join me in prayers for many more volunteer doctors and nurses to help care for the sick amongst the poor. Pray also for more willing hearts to serve as a missionary of charity like Mother Teresa, serving the poorest of the poor, thus serving God.

     You and I are both made differently with a different calling. If you do feel a stirring in your heart, a calling to serve the poor but are afraid, think of these words that Mother Teresa wrote," It is to make unhappy homes happy, to bring Jesus into their dark homes....If only one family, if only one unhappy child is made happy with the love of Jesus, tell me, will it not be worth all of us giving all for that, for u having all the trouble?"

     Perhaps God is calling you. Praying you have the courage to answer God's call.


  1. Mothers' words are so true. Thank you for posting this and I pray you have a quick recovery.

    1. Thank you..I have been in the hospital for a while so that's why i have not been writing.

  2. I will keep you in my prayers, and hope that your pain is relieved and remedied quickly. :)

    1. Thanks Katy..I am on medical leave at home after a few days of hospitalization. I am recovering well