Friday, May 3, 2013

Sail by the Wind

Shadows walk past the bow,
The moon flickers in the dark,
Misty wind blows the sail,
Boat Grace stands elegantly,
One of the few peaceful nights,
Drenched she is on the rock,
Many sleepless nights of turmoil,
Rough sea splashes mightily,
Storm hails as gift of courtesy,
Lost in the quiet mystical ocean,
Fibro lays still in the cabin,
Faithful companion of Grace,
A love hate relationship occurs,
Beyond tears of crying rocks,
Grace moves forward like an eagle,
Soaring without fears nor doubts,
Fibro throws anchors of caution,
Putting stumbles along Grace's path,
She cannot stand him yet he clings on,
Like a parasite with flare ups,
Always stopping Grace in her tracks,
Yet he cares in a melancholic way,
He stands on the deck breathing,
Salty air sweeps across his youthful face,
Stroking her pulpit displaying caresses,
Grace shivers beneath the calmness,
Fibro's unorthodox ways chill her,
Numbing pains beneath the starboard,
She knows not how to lose Fibro now,
A best friend to steer her ways,
Lest she taps backward to her old land,
Lost and clueless they are for now,
The wind will do magical wonders,
As it always does in the past,
It will direct Fibro and soothe Grace,
As Grace sails to the promised land 

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