Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rock It

The last teardrop falls 
Weeping is over in the night 
Joy comes in the morning 
A new horizon begins 
The beat of drums stirs your heart 
Songs of love fills the head 
The way it makes you feel 
It is far stronger than a turn-on 
The lonesome mood vaporises 
Vanishes into thin air 
Celebrate you shall with wine 
Tap your feet and swing your hair 
Let it catch you smile and cheer 
Off your legs and jump 
Dance till you fly to the moon 
Shake it to the ground 
Shout with music of diamonds 
You know better my precious 
This is more than it is 
Tear down the mask of coolness 
Show off your warm glow 
Live fully if only today 
Let the wind of gladness blow you 
Forget it all and follow the flow 
Hear the voice in you and soar 
Heavens are waiting for you 
Let no full stop be where you are 
Go forth and shine like stars 
Say I Do and let it be 
Rejoice for this is a new day 
Jump it babe and rock it

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