Thursday, April 25, 2013

One Day More

A broken shell lies in the doorway,
Stupefied by magical wisdom,
Shattered glasses out from rimless eyes,
Torn leaves smeared the beautiful mind,
Endless dreams fly to neverland,
Whimsical dances that speak of passion,
A ghost maybe or just an enchanted charm,
The garden that breathes and exhales,
Wrong seems right but how can it be,
Shameful stirs that only a child can see,
A burst of the music of light,
Every whisper is a dagger of pain,
A spark of joy in a blossom of song,
She does not even know its name,
Or was it never meant to be,
A cry to the stars of heaven,
As the piano sings alone,
Pretending it is there all along,
In the dark the silver beams down,
Moon River floods the trees of wishes,
The barren streets weep till it is no more,
Deepest recesses of the well flows,
One day more perhaps,
Let her find it

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